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which are the best variety of raspberry canes to buy giving the biggest size & best taste for a garden in the Midlands



Autumn Bliss is a good autumn fruiting variety. Much easier to care for than summer ones.

Glen Magna covers size and taste and is summer fruiting and very good.

A mix of the 2 above would give you fruit for a couple of months.

25 Sep, 2012


Interesting Kildermorie... we didn't like Autumn Bliss at all and got rid of the canes to a neighbour. I think it all depends on your own tastes Hollybush and, in my opinion, biggest isn't always best or tastiest. Think of alpine strawberries which are tiny but pack a heck of a flavour punch.

25 Sep, 2012


Autumn Bliss is fine in full sun. This is the second year I have them and the canes are 1.5m tall and good numbers of flowers. A little bland off the vine but fine with Eton mess or the like. Glen Magna and Glen Lyon are great tasting - summer rasps are better tasting if you are just eating from the vines. I have Glen Lyon via Spain (I grew some seeds from Tesco Finest Raspberries of all places to get them). I agree large and tasty are often not going to happen. Summer and autumn fruiting together gives you a longer fruiting season and does save money as they are much more expensive than Strawberries, which are almost given away in Supermarkets.

I found Merton Thornless Blackberry excellent this year taste wise though few fruits, but some plants are only from this year, so early days. I would certainly give more space to that in my garden and recommend to anyone.

25 Sep, 2012

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