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I need your help again:) Please tell me the name of this plant! Thank you! M.

Prince Edward Island, Canada Ca

This plant produces dozens of pretty white flowers and it blooms for about three weeks or longer. The foliage is delicate and the stems tend to fall over, without staking. Maybe it's because it doesn't receive a lot of sunlight. I'd appreciate your help in identifying it! Thank you! Marjorie :)




Your plant looks very much like Malva sylvatica. My neighbour has the white form, like yours, and I have some pink ones; and yes, they do flop all over the place unless supported.

7 Jul, 2009


I think it looks like Malva moschata alba.

7 Jul, 2009


I agree with Elleme.

8 Jul, 2009


Thank you for your quick responses! I really appreciate it! Happy Gardening! Marjorie :)

8 Jul, 2009

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