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What could we grow on a chalky bank?


By Fionn

United Kingdom Gb

We have a long bank as our garden is on a hill...very chalky soil. Would lavender take? How would it work on the hill? We would like something "dramatic" all year and low maintenance as it is a big area. We would like to plant it as you cannot mow it (must be strimmed) and looks untidy.



Like to know which way it faces? North, south?

6 Jul, 2009


Selection of plants that like chalky soil as follows (not lavender though!)
Erica, Cotoneaster, Helianthemum, Hypericum, Genista, Hebe, Saponaria, Rosemary, Campanula, Alyssum and Aubretia (the 2 latter ones will tolerate dry sun, the others not so much)
There are more, but mostly larger and not such good spreaders. There's always ivy... but only use the smaller leaved varieties.
Is it not possible to cut the bank with a flymo mower? This type of hover mower is the only one of any use on a bank, though I don't know how steep it is, obviously.

6 Jul, 2009

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