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Why is my thunbergia dying?


By Carinam

Canada Ca

I just planted my thumbergia grandiflora (sky vine - blue) in the spring. It does not look like it is doing very well and I am unsure as to why. It is in full sun, watered regularily, has both a trellis and bracing for support, yet the leaves are starting to get crispy and the vines withering and dying. Should I move it to another area of the yard with partial sun? As well, silly question, but is this a perennial? I would love for it to come back next year,. but at the rate I'm going, I think it might be dead in a month! Help!
I live in Alberta, Canada. In the late spring, after it was planted, we were hit with a few nights of frost. I had covered the plant at nights with sheets, but perhaps it was touched by frost. I would think though that after a month, new growth should begin - but it seems to be at a stand still. The average temperatures for the past 3 weeks have been about 20 degrees celcius, and averaging 10-15 degrees at night.
Your assistance is greatly appreciated




Thunbergias are all tender in Britain, so I'd guess they certainly are where you live! The leaf damage does look like cold, or possibly drought. Now that your temperatures are hotting up, it might recover. Just keep it moist and feed it a bit.

20 Jun, 2009

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