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Can anybody identify this please?

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It's in my veg plot - looks like a veg from the leaves but is flowering!! Or is it a weed??? Thank you...




Hard to tell which you mean from the photo, but on the right is what looks like Swiss Chard or beetroot, or some kind of brassica and there is a small oriental poppy plant (the greyish leaf front left). Not sure what the large plant behind is (acanthus?)
Could you do a better photo of the plant you need to identify or edit this photo to show which one you mean?

19 Jun, 2009


Hi, I have just updated another photo - Thank you

19 Jun, 2009


if the plant you want to identify is the one with the double red flower, then its Opium poppy. Can be a weed if you leave it to seed as once you have the seeds in the soil, theyll come back. Easily pulled out thou and attractive but run to seed quickly! Weed -y es as i seeds everywhere and birds bring it in, but pretty too

19 Jun, 2009


Flower arrangers like the seedheads.

19 Jun, 2009


Hiya,It is definatly an ornamental poppy. The centre of the flower turns into seed pod.
You can dig up and re pot,or move to another area. Normal rules apply.

To nice to compost!!!

keep the seed heads,dry them and shake the seed heads like a salter and it may come up...they do lay dormant for years but conditions may be perfect and bobs ya uncle.

Hope it helps

19 Jun, 2009


I would say poppy too my son had them in his garden I love them

19 Jun, 2009


It's an Opium poppy. I have lots in my garden, you must dead head them or you'll have a garden full the year after.


21 Jun, 2009


Yes it's the opium poppy, or Papaver somniferum. My garden is full of them...I love them :) Save the seed heads and scatter them where you want them to grow next year.

21 Jun, 2009


Thank you all for your help. Bit worried now tho - opium...??? Is that not illegal?

22 Jun, 2009


Only if you grow hundreds of acres of them and score the seedheads to collect the sap, then process it in some unknown way, then sell it to international traffickers. Otherwise you should be ok - nobody's gone missing off GOY yet for opium poppy misuse (that I know of).

22 Jun, 2009



25 Jun, 2009

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