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Wild flowers of Japan


Dear All,

Rainy season is now over, and term has just finished so I have time for research and gardening. I just thought I would throw out a few pcitures of the wild flowers that I have found in the garden recently. We are fortunate to have lovely wild lily flowers that drip off the rocks and fill the air with a nice scent. The one in the picture emerged as one of about 15 that hang from the rocks which line our driveway. Such a lovely unexpected bonus.

You will also notice the fritillary — again, completely wild. I’ve half a dozen or so that just pop up in unexpected places. Pic is not too good because its the iPhone again, but its a sort of peach-pink colour and freckled with back in the middle. You will also see the very beautiful flower that I simply don’t know. The flowers stand on longish stalks about 20-25 cms high from leaves that are a little shamrock-like though the size of a 50 pence piece. The flowers are extremely beautiful, a sort of purple-raspberry ripple on the outer flower which supports a yellow bell-shaped flower inside. The back of the purplish outer flower develops into 5 or so tails that criss-cross behind the main flower. Completely wild in its beautiful natural state. REALLY want to identify it please. Maybe common to you all, but that doesn’t detract from it emerging wonderfully on a grassy knoll in my wilderness garden.

I’ve also added to my photos a few others, my 20 ft mountain rose (now over — but soon to have lovely red hips), and a hanging basket that has been raging all summer. Oh, and I finally identified another plant in the woods at the back as Eurya Japonica (used in Shinto ceremonies).

Hope everyone is well and thanks for your comments. As always,


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Sounds incredibly beautiful and that lily is lovely, I think the next flower is aquilegea.

24 Jul, 2012


Hi Ptaro, nice to hear from you, how wonderful to have lilies dripping from the rocks!! I wish! and I agree with Sticki, the little mauve flower is Aquilegea and will self seed quite freely, they are known as 'grannies bonnet' to some folk.

24 Jul, 2012


Thanks stickitoffe and grandmage, it is definitely an aquilegia: though the precise variety I haven't found since I've been googling it. I love being able to cultivate wild plants as garden plants! Thanks again, Peter

24 Jul, 2012


best way im sure cos that way you know they will be happy to grow there!!!

24 Jul, 2012


Yes indeed. But the volcanic minerals in the soil are very patchy it seems. I tested the Ph a few days ago in a few spots and it was all over the place. Ptarotuos

24 Jul, 2012


Must be so interesting Ptaro, your wild flowers are our garden plants thanks to those Victorians. :0)

24 Jul, 2012


Hi Ptaro, its good to hear from you again, your garden sounds so natural, the lilies emerging amongst the rocks must be a delight to see and giving off a scent as well is a bonus in my mind, the one in the photo is gorgeous, aquilegia is a favourite of mine, I like it when it scatters its seed and provides me with more plants.
Take care and enjoy your garden.........

15 Jan, 2013

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