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Come with me to Arbroath!


By pixi25


As most of you know I go to my Dads in Arbroath every Saturday.
Thought it would be nice if you came along for the ride.
lol it only takes a few minutes on here !

At the traffic lights before going onto the Motorway

Leaving Dunfermline

Friarton bridge at PErth

Lookout tower..always wanted to go up there

Now what is a cow doing standing on top of that

Approaching Dundee

DC Thompsons..home of OOr Wullie

Arbroath GOlf Club

Nearly there

Dads house

When I went in he was sound asleep lol
And thats my journey every weekend :)

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Aw Bless!
Who took the pics and who drove!!
Good pics Pix.

25 Sep, 2011


lovely drive, thanks pixi ~ you certainly live in a beautiful place.
does your dad know you took that picture?
any arbroath smokies??

25 Sep, 2011


Lulu I was driving I took the pics! lol Shhhh dont tell Sarah!
Not bad pics form a moving car lol
Thanks Sticki no he doesnt know I took that pic lol..he woke up when it went click tho smokies but we had a fish supper for lunch..and got chatted up again by the handsome Italian lol

25 Sep, 2011


sounds like a good day!!

25 Sep, 2011


Yes it always is..tho tiring lol
had to weed the whole garden and do all the cleaning etc..Sarah didnt come with me yesterday so its a lot of work..but well he cant manage can he. Least I can do :)

25 Sep, 2011


you do a great job, im sure he appreciates it.

25 Sep, 2011



25 Sep, 2011


Great pics Pixi - makes me laugh all the pics as you drive :D

25 Sep, 2011


That was a nice journey and it didn't look like it was raining! I'm sure your Dad is pleased to see you each week, he looks a real sweetie. Give him a hug from me. x

25 Sep, 2011


Thansk Paul lol..bad amnt I!
THanks was raining when I left then the sun came out and was hot all day! :))))))

25 Sep, 2011


Thanks Pixi, I do like a trip out especially to see somewhere different now and again. It must be hard for you especially in the winter months but your dad must be delighted to see you.
My dad has to go into Papworth tomorrow for a biopsy on his lungs...

25 Sep, 2011


Oh, Pixi! That journey makes me feel really weird! If I was going to my mum's from Dundee, I would turn off at that farmhouse, I think - is that the one at Milnathort?

25 Sep, 2011


Yes Linc//Im worried about this winter..if its harsh Imight not get up every weekend..tho I will try to.
Good luck for your Dad tomorrow :)
Yes Karen its near Milnathort :) where did your Mum live?
yae the home of the "Smokie" Not had one for a while lol they are expensive now. We used to have them every Friday night for tea :)

25 Sep, 2011


Some pretty views on your journey, and I liked the ones of the sky.
Some didn't show up though - just a small red x. I wonder why that was.
Your father must look forward to your visits every week.

25 Sep, 2011


It was awful last winter did you manage?
I tried to get to my mum's but the road was impassable, so then I went further down to Kinross and got stuck in the services... :(

(My mum lives in Sauchie and my auntie lives in Limekilns...that's all the elder family I've got now)

25 Sep, 2011


I'm not reading anymore of your blogs where you are driving and snapping pics!!! Half kidding, half not :)

25 Sep, 2011


Another nice blog Pixi....he must look forward to your visits. You should not be taking pics when driving, you naughty pixi! Imagine the scene.....
Police car with sirens.....Excuse me madam, was that a mobile phone you had in your hand?
Yes officer....but I just had to take pictures for my blog on GOY!
Well sorry madam, but I have to issue you with this ticket. It's GOYL?
What is GOYL officer?....goes on yir license!!!!
I'm not preaching pixi :)

25 Sep, 2011


Thanks mr hywel..I dont know why they didnt show up they were the same size as the rest of them? and Yeah he always says "oh its so good to see you" and gives me a huge smile. :))))))))))))
Well Karen last winter was bad yes..but he wasnt so bad then..could still drive his car and get about, it was really about March he deteriorated after being in hospital..for the first time in his life!
I dont know Sauchie very well..but I do know Limekilns!!!!!!!! omg I used to wrok in a wee pub there! i might know your Auntie! pm me! lol :))
Lol Lil..dont worry i dont take my eyes off the road to take them..I jsut aim and fire lol..then if the pics are squint or whatever i crop them and straighten them and I dont drive fast when I'm taking them lolol ;)

25 Sep, 2011


Your poor's terrible to say, but hospitals can be awful places for elderly people who are active and don't necessarily consider themselves to be 'elderly'... I had experience of something like that with my Dad, who had also never been ill in his life... :(

btw, never mind the Police! Make sure that the bairn doesn't find out...or you'll be in real trouble! ;)))

26 Sep, 2011


I've already contacted her Karen :)

26 Sep, 2011


Ah, well...Pixi's in for it now...! ;)))

26 Sep, 2011


LOL! You two! I told her anyway she jsut rolled her eyes lolol
Yes Karen its weird as soon as tey go into hospital..things seem to change..hmmm..same wiht old Annie..she cant understand why she cant just go home to her own house! She is fitter than my Dad!!!!!! Silly!

26 Sep, 2011


That's a shame, Pixi...could they not give her a 'panic button'? My Mum's got one...

27 Sep, 2011


They could fix the little things in her house that need to be..give her a community alaram(dad has one) she could hvae meals on wheels and a carer morning and night..and prolly much more!!! its the doctor and the social worker who are saying no and not trying to HELP her!!!!!!! I dont understand it..must be the easy way out for themI guess :(

27 Sep, 2011


The cheaper way out, most likely... :(

27 Sep, 2011


Nay doot hen!

27 Sep, 2011

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