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By pixi25


Just taken some pics of a few things left in the garden. Unfortunately the rain is desroying a whole lot of plants and I’m thinking the garden is getting “done”
The first pic is the rose I came across the other day ( no idea where it came from lol) It has bloomed a bit so if any of you can tell me what is is I’d be obliged :)

Mystery rose

This is one of my favourite roses being aniailated by the rain as are most of them, i dont know its name but it is one of the old fashioned roses with a heavenly scent

Nicotina at the bottom of the garden. I grow these every year and out in pots to fill up spaces in the garden.

Snapdragon? I had two of these on yellow and one pink, unfortunately some wee Pixi stood on the pink one when she was doing the sculpture and its ruined!

Agapanthus with some Cornflower which jsut appeared lol..funny I dont remember planting any! I think there are faeries who come in the night and plant things in my garden! lol

Cosmos. God these things grow big! next year if I have any I wont plant them at the front!!!!!!!!! i thought they were small plants lolol

The Ivy has grown all he way to the top of the fence now..keep nosey neighbours from prying in! I moved the Geranium( yes i still call them that!) over there for a bit of colour, its way too bright to be anywhere else. it is being ruined by the rain too :(

Secret door. The roses are almost all around it now and the hop plant grows up along side but its not doing well as you will see in the next pic.

As you can see something is eating this, smae happened last year and I never did find it! I have sprayed with Roseclear and garlic..but still something eats away at it! Anyone got any ideas what it might be?

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Lovely blog pixi love the picture with the ivy and geranium what is that wrought iron white thing it looks really nice whoops just had another look and realised it's the back of your chair lol:)

16 Aug, 2011


Maybe try an all round spray for the eaty bug.
I wish a pixi would come to my garden in the night, help with the mowing and weeding!
Secret door looks better than ever.

16 Aug, 2011


Still looking really nice, Pixi! :)) Love your mystery rose and the secret door...
I'm wondering if the holes in the hop leaves might be flea beetles...

16 Aug, 2011


THanks Nana...its the leg of the wrought iron table :)
Ive tried all sorts of sprays on it Lulu.
Ty Karen..flea beetles? I can never see anything on it..I;ve looked and looked under the leaves down at the bottom..not a thing!

16 Aug, 2011


Its a lovely rose Pixi, if you go on line to Apuldram roses their site does a search by colour and they are 3 possibles that might match yours in their mid pinks range?

16 Aug, 2011


They're miniscule and you hardly ever see them, Pix, they might be nocturnal...all you see are more and more holes in the leaves...

I had them every year, in my old garden, on one plant...I can't remember what it was, now...but the leaves had a similar texture.

That plant was always completely perforated...but the left everything else alone...

16 Aug, 2011


Thanks DRC I looked and I found 5 that could be it lol..
Compassion..Blessings ..Silver Jubilee..Lovely lady...Lavinia
i think it might be Compassion or Lovely lady?
Thanks Karen..what did you do to get rid of them?
Am wriitng to Gardeners world about it now :)

16 Aug, 2011


I never did anything, except complain! lol! The plant (it was a shrub of some sort) came back every just never looked its best...but it was still happy...

It helps a little to have a rough idea when the rose was planted, if you inherited it...because then you can rule out the roses introduced in certain time periods...and think about which roses were really popular in others... :)))

16 Aug, 2011


WEll...I certainly didnt inherit it Ive been here 25 yrs lol..I'm sure I didnt plant it! Ive no idea where it came from! Its a shame where its growing too all hidden by the Rudbeckia and heuchera and lupins! cant move it jsut now!
Ive not hear back from Gardeners world about the beasities eating the hop plant yet.

16 Aug, 2011


Haha...well, that narrows it down...not! lol! Good luck with the beasties - let us know what they say!

17 Aug, 2011


Hi Pix...There is a Hop leaf eating bug, it's a tiny black hard shell little thing, I've had somthing similar on my Melon leaves, but the garlic spray got rid...some say, just spray with water, it knocks them off, whether they will come back or not...don't know...
Lovely Roses...both...and gorgeous colours...

17 Aug, 2011


Well still not heard form Gardener's world..Will try garlic again..I was looking online and theres lots of things you can try..will go woth that first.
Can never see them at all I ve looked and loooked!
Just back form B&Q bought two plants will take pics once they are in! lol badPixi!

18 Aug, 2011


Have you put up the pic and asked in the questions section, here, Pixi?

18 Aug, 2011 lol Well Ijust sprayed it with garlic :)

18 Aug, 2011


Worth a shot...I don't see that bug often, but you know he's been, by the darn holes...but have seen him earlier July time...

18 Aug, 2011


Aye! CHecked your messages Sue!?

18 Aug, 2011


Read and replied....:o))))

18 Aug, 2011



18 Aug, 2011

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