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Art class on the farm


By pixi25


Last Wednesday evening, although the classes have stopped for Summer hols, we met up and had a class at one of the student’s farms. It’s a beautiful place both house and garden, they had fun drawing on location..especially the cows who wandered off as soon as they started to draw! lol

The driveway up to the farm, the cows WERE in the field on the right lol

Walking up towards the farmhouse.

The old Dovecot..this building and the farmhouse dates back to the 17th century. Don’t you jsut love old things

Another view of the Dovecot.

Lovely Honeysuckle which smelt divine, outside the farm buildings, which stank! lol

View of the house

Full view of front of house.

Great little courtyard where they have a hot tub! Waiting for an invite lol

We were met by Lucy the dalmation..she is soft to touch and gentle natured.

Various photos of her beautiful garden.

Back of house..I want to live there! I asked her if she would adopt me lol

THe pond is a bit overgrown so i couldn’t get a proper picture of the little peeing boy lol..he is cute though

The she took me down to see the chickens, they are so funny..took a video too but can’t show you that.

Their other dog Oscar who is playful but so gentle came to investigate the chickens too

As it started raining ( surprise surprise!) we went indoors and they jsut did sketches of things about the room..what a beautiful house and garden! It was a good evening! :)

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22 Jul, 2011


When I win the lottery I am going to buy a big old stone farmhouse in the middle of no-where and garden till for ever.

22 Jul, 2011


Looks a lovely place - lovely photos Pixi - the crocosmia is beautiful especially

22 Jul, 2011


what a lovely place to go to Pixi-- how do you choose which bit to draw-- I always feel overwhelmed!!

22 Jul, 2011


Stunning place...I spotted the crocosmia too Paul it's so bright Red....loved everything about it....Loved the dogs too...excellent Pixi thanks for sharing with us...x

22 Jul, 2011


Yes it was totally tranquil Coshad.and yes me too Olive! Must get a ticket fot tongiht! lol
Thanks Paul..yes the crocosmia was especially nice and huge!!!!!!!
Well Pam..the students all got to choose what they wanted..some drew cows and chickens others drew the farmhouse and a few jsut picked on a few flowers..that was till it rained! lol
Last tme I was ther I did a sketch of the house, always meant to paint it..maybe one day.
Yes Sue..such a beautiful place I had to let you all see it!
the dogs are wee honies! and I'm not really a dog person myself, more into cats. But they are so well behaved and gentle.

22 Jul, 2011


Really lovely Pixi I just love old stone buildings even the ones that are falling down.

22 Jul, 2011


Smashing pics and blog. You do have an artist's eye for photography.

22 Jul, 2011


Lovely blog and pics,Pixi..what alovely place to draw and paint..glad you all had a good day..:o)

22 Jul, 2011


Thanks Stroller..yes i do too! like the mock ruins! :)
Thanks Lillies..If I wasn't an artist maybe I would be a photographer. :)
Yes Bloomer it was a little piece of heaven :)

22 Jul, 2011


It looks a lovely place. I don't think I'd like to see a peeing boy anyway lol

22 Jul, 2011


:)))) lol...Hywel...

23 Jul, 2011


Well you're a man! LOL!

23 Jul, 2011


Hi Pixi...Top of the morning to you...Been raining here all night, but the Sun is up and looking good for the day...bought some new plants yesterday, and just got back before the rain started, so they all had a good water naturally...probably will start planting today...Nothing special planned for today...just relax and enjoy, how about you!!

23 Jul, 2011


Morning to you Sue! Sun si up here too fingers crossed we both have sunshine all day! :)
great you got new plants! What did you buy?
Yeah good to relax..I wont be though...going to Dads to do all his washing coooking etc then weeding the front garden..I'll relax tomorrow so pray for sunshine..I want to sit out in my garden and do nothing! lol
Have a good day my friend

23 Jul, 2011


I guess from what you say, Dad is on his own, does he live far from you!!
I'll take some pics and put their details up as I go..A couple will go in Pots...the rest are for the garden...
Hope you get some better weather soon...

23 Jul, 2011


Yeah he is Sue, Mum died 17yrs ago and he still misses her every day. He isn't very well now, don't think there's much chance he will improve really. I go up every Sat or Sun to do all things he cant do himself. Was cleaning cooking gardening etc today. And he loves me to wash and massage his feet..bless him. So sad to see him like this, up until about 10weeks ago he was pretty fit for an old man, he is hating losing his independence, not much we can do but be there for him.
I took him up to the graveyard which is at the top of his road to Mum's grave today, he used to go up there every single day wihtout fail for his daily walk and to chat to Mum. He misses that now, he can barely walk about the house. Anyway we have a laugh too as he orders me about now to laugh eh?
Been a lovely sunny day too. He lives about an hour and half drive from me..wish I was a wee bit closer really.
Hurry up and pot those plants up! lol
take care xPix

23 Jul, 2011


That's a gorgeous place! So chic for a farm!! The doogies are lovely, but I'm a cat person too!!

23 Jul, 2011


Yes it is Libet! you should see the house inside..big iron spiral staircase leads down to the kitchen and 3 other rooms..its fab!

23 Jul, 2011


How the other half lives it, but too big for me...unless I had one of those three wheeled thingy's to scoot around the estate that doesn't bear thinking about lol....:)))

24 Jul, 2011


Oh I don't know sounds like fun to me! lol
Omg am I going to be an eccentric old artist in the three wheeler? haha
Sun shines today! Going to relax--ish

24 Jul, 2011


What a lovely home and surrounds, have not surprised me with your happy comments about the would be hard not to enjoy such a tranquil and beautiful place.

I hope you are able to relax today after your busy time with your dad yesterday, Pixi....just chilling in your garden will be your reward :)

24 Jul, 2011


Yes it is Whistonlass. I so want to stay there! lol
Well I have to do a little shopping first and a few things then maybe I can sit down and relax in the garden,but will prolly be raining by then lolol! :)

24 Jul, 2011


Hiyya sweety,
Just joined in to say I luuuuuuve your blogs and gorgeous pics....

How I missed the rain btw!

See you soon!
huggles and bubbles =]

24 Jul, 2011


Pixi sorry I had to rush off this morning, will PM you later ..Sue x

24 Jul, 2011


Lol thanks Holy! Glad you got time to look.
No rian today..lovely sunshine..just been sitting out in it..and it was too hot! hah we are never pleased are we? xx
That's ok Sue i had things to do too! Did a wee bit more to the sculpture but its soooooooo hot! Had a wee relax this afternoon. :)

24 Jul, 2011


I woke stupidly early this morning - so sat catching up on blogs - those pictures have made me feel all dreamy so back to bed for an hour I think.

26 Jul, 2011


Aw lol :) I'm jsut up and want to sleep still but I have things to do this morning :(

26 Jul, 2011


beautifull place and gardens.

28 Jul, 2011


yes its jsut awesome! thanks :)

29 Jul, 2011

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