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Sunshine in Scotland!!!!!!


By pixi25


Hooray! We had sun today! It was really hot! Even had my bikini on lol, no there aren’t any shots of that! ;)
Actually in one of the pics you can see my head in the mirror on the shed. Had to share our lovely Scottish weather with you. Garden looks so much better with some sun. Nice skies too, that’s what I could see from where I was the pond on the lounger with a cool drink! Last pic is my daughter Sarah with a pillowcase over her head lol..her head was too hot! ;)

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What lovely sunshine and wonderful garden you have Pixi, lol I m not sure if I shall get a reply from you after the magican has cut you in half.

13 Jul, 2011


Lol!!! Sorry it's late, that all I can manage!

14 Jul, 2011


Looking great Pixi - love that pot over pond - is it cemented down ? Lovely plants and love the red robin, nice roses too :))) You have a lot of nice plants in there. Did your daughter know you taken that pic lol :))))

14 Jul, 2011


Lol Sixpence! I'm still here in one piece..I think..bit early to tell yet though.:)
Aw poor tired Lulu! :)
Thanks Paul. Do you mean the wee urn? Thats where the water comes out when I have it switched on and yes its all cemented in, I got it from a charity shop for 50p!
I took the cement along a bit and made a wee bed for the Thyme to grow. All takes thyme eh!
Yes Sarah knew I had taken the pic though she hasn't seen it and would kill me if she knew it was on here hahaha! But she will never know, she's not interested in gardens lol. :)))))))

14 Jul, 2011


Btw..I wondered about that you think its meant to have those darker spots on it? I wondered if it had some disease? Lol I like it like that though.

14 Jul, 2011


looks great - I'd love something like like Pixi (speaking off pot) there is one in GC I always look at. Yes see the thyme now ;)))) Nice price for that pot too !!

she will be interested to see she has became famous then lol :))))

14 Jul, 2011


Hi Pixi, glad you have finally had some sunshine. Your garden looks lovely.

I think the spots on your roses are rain stains, white and pale colours seem to be susceptible to it.

It was sunny here at 4.30am until about half an hour ago (8.00am) but it's clouded over now. The local forecast here is for cloud and sunny spells.

Hope your good weather continues, We love Scotland particularly when the sun shines.

Enjoy your day. Grannyb

14 Jul, 2011


Lovely blog...lovely garden, Pixi!...and my, what a fab little pond!

Isn't it strange how a little bit of sun causes daughters all over to adopt the same behaviours! lol!!!

14 Jul, 2011


The garden's looking great in the sun. This is the time to enjoy the fruits of your labour. We're enjoying it here as well. My sister is an artist as well and we're all off to her place in France soon to enjoy more gorgeous weather hopefully.

14 Jul, 2011


Your garden is looking lovely, I'm very happy for you to be finally enjoying some sunshine :) Oh and I love your toe nails!

14 Jul, 2011


Thanks Paul. You could prolly get a pot at a car boot sale or charity shop..they arent all that expensive..what is GC? Gotta love pot! Oops I mean pots! ;)
Thanks GrannyB Ah the rose things are rain spots..that explains it..thanks.. We get enough here lol! Been roating here again today, had to come in I was melting. Been starting the sculpture of Rick for the what a laugh we had..hope it all works out. Hope you;ve had nice weather today :)
Thanks she jsut came in jsut now and said what are they saying about daughters hahaha I ]m not telling her!;)
Yes thanks Whitelillies..its good to sit and relax and look at what we have all achieved isnt it? Makes it all worthwhile :)
Thanks my daughter did them for me..she is a beautician...they are called Minx..pretty fitting for me lol. I prefer the leopard skin effect one she has..maybe next time :)

14 Jul, 2011


GC - garden centre - bit lazy me :D Will look out for a nice pot like this

14 Jul, 2011



14 Jul, 2011


Oh aye paul! lol they will be expensive there!!!!!!!! :))

14 Jul, 2011


nice blog and lovely garden..i like the pond loads..thanks for sharing

16 Jul, 2011


Thanks Guy it's my little bit of heaven I call it :)

16 Jul, 2011

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