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Feeling satisfied


By phs


Just back in from the garden where I have been since 10:30 am this morning (was about 2:15 pm when I came in), so I am really satisfied with myself.

It was raining when I got up at 06:45 am; I knew I couldn’t get out and tidy the garden today (so many plants have been knocked down by the rain) but I had lots of plug plants, which arrived on Thursday, waiting for my attention in the greenhouse. Already, I am thinking about moving plants, around for next year and when mature enough, the new plants can take their place. Exciting to think about!

All the rain this year is not going to put me off, there still lots of enjoyment to be had in a garden when you can raise your own plants! I am forever grateful to my mother-in-law who gave me a lump sum towards buying the greenhouse, – mothers’-in-law – don’t you just love them!

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I dont love mine... she is an ogre.... :o) But I am glad you have a nice one!!! Well done though for braving the cold and the wet. I can appreciate and understand your excitement I would love a greenhouse but my garden is so small. Yes its get the wellies out and the flipflops off, the anorak, hat and scarf on and just get stuck in....

7 Jul, 2012


Oh Marion,you did make me laugh....I thought you were refering to your garden in the wet,but I realise it is your MILaw!!

7 Jul, 2012


Lol...... Yes its definitely MILAW, my hubby is an only child, I say no more.....

7 Jul, 2012


Yup, no more needed to be said about mothers of only sons Marion. My daughter has just escaped one of those! Phs, good for you staying so positive. I am struggling a bit today...torrential downpours all day and such a horrible wind earlier, but that seems to be settling down now. Still, as you say, lots to be thankful for, and at least all the Reservoirs will be full. :D

7 Jul, 2012


Great blog, cant get out today it is drowning weather !! pleased you were able to.

7 Jul, 2012


Hope Scotkat doesn't read my comment there or I'll be in BIG trouble as she has one son!! lol....sorry Kath, and all other mothers of only sons!! ;)

7 Jul, 2012



7 Jul, 2012


I know, what am I like? That's twice I've put my foot in my mouth lately on here!

7 Jul, 2012

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