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Winter is here!


Winter is here well it is where i live we had our first frost last night -2 it was! brr. We had a heavy weekend my husband and i are trying to rescue our lawn so after mowing it and scarifying it we aerated it by hand with a normal garden fork. 50 square meters of lawn it felt like 500! my husband is not a gardener and wouldn’t know what the difference is between a weed and a flower or veg! So he only helps me in the garden when there is a fair amount of heavy work to do! Like digging! He said he would be happy if he never saw a fork again! Needless to say we both had really bad back ache sunday night! I’ve still got a few tidy up jobs to do in the garden. Jobs just don’t get done when they have to when you have 2 children at home not at school yet! Going away at the end of the week for a holiday and my tidy up jobs will have to wait until then!

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Pitty your husband isn't interested in gardening, or maybe it's a good thing that you can please yourself about it lol.
Oh please don't say winter is here yet lol. It's only October. I hope it's mild this year :o)

20 Oct, 2010


It's ok hywel winter isn't here for you yet a few more weeks it just comes early for us up here it's so cold again tonight!

20 Oct, 2010


It's cold here aswell tonight lol. Not frosty though.

20 Oct, 2010


Not winter here Hywel very mild, dry and sunny with no heating on yet.

20 Oct, 2010


lucky you drc still we are off to sunny climates on friday Cornwall! lol

20 Oct, 2010


Lucky you have a great time.

20 Oct, 2010


We've had it mild until now, but today has been chilly.

20 Oct, 2010


Apparently my daughter had to clear the ice off her car this morning, not nice.
Enjoy your holiday......

20 Oct, 2010


thanx lincslass yes i think it depends where you live my sis in law lives in a city and it's always a couple of deg warmer than where we are we are on the edge of the peak district!

21 Oct, 2010

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