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my sucess this year or not!


Well as i have already blogged about my potatoes i will talk about my sucess (can’t spell)! I had some lovely hapil and symphony strawberries delicious. I had the most amazing huge deliicious glen fyne raspberries. I have autumn bliss they fruited a little bit they should be fruiting now but i’ve had 1 raspberry hopefully be better next year. My attempt to get more plants from the suckers was unsucessful the transplanted canes died :-(. I’ve had a few carrotts but the childrens “help” in planting the seeds resulted in very wonky rows! My broccoli was a complete disaster. It was all going fine strong healthy growth before i went on holiday there was a large head i cut off and we enjoyed then we had some lovely side shoots. Went away on hol and when we came back in 1 week it was covered in every kind of caterpiller! So i used pure soap flakes disolved in water and pump sprayed it on that killed them! had to do it again! But my husband refused to eat any of the broccoli because it had caterpillars in. I cooked supermarket broccoli last night and it had caterpillars in! So yesterday i was very sad and pulled up the broccoli and put it in my green bin. I had to do this to salvage my cauliflower. The caterpillarsseemed to prefer my broccoli and had desimated them. There was only a few on my caulis. Is it a good year this year for caterpillars or something? my onioins were planted too late and as a result i only have spring onions! I have a mouse in my garden and i think it dug up my peas i planted as i only ended up with 1 sorry little plant that was about 6" tall! It still gave me six little peas that were lovely. finally my dwarf french beans have given me a lovely crop! I will put some more pictures into my photo album when i get a chance 2 toddlers keep me busy aswell as the garden!

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goodness...sounds like you, toddlers and everything is busy around your will do better each year...good job on getting it going this year ...I love fresh veggies no matter what little of lot I can produce...and the planting of the seeds by your babes is more important than straightness of the to you...! :o) ~Cat

18 Sep, 2010


These pests are a nuisance aren't they. With experience you'll get more able to controll them.
I think you did well :o)

19 Sep, 2010


I was going to put a picture on of my cherry toms on but my 2 children and i ate them today!

22 Sep, 2010


I hope you all enjoyed them :o)

22 Sep, 2010

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