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Thank you, Inspired by OB


By ozzey


It was really good to recieve all your reviews on my Sheep story blog…..I forgot to say that what inspired me to write it down was OB’s kids street gang story blog (I bet there is a lot of true OB in that story!!).

Someone asked why I was getting over the fence into the sheep field…… was to lie down in the field to look at the sheep close up……I know this may sound a bit or alot odd, (and I don’t want you trying this in case you get hurt!!!), many years ago I worked for the ministry of fisheries & food and part of my job was going to various farms, to check cows health, if the cows were out grazing the easiest way to check a herd quickly was to go and lie down in the field and curiosity would get the better of them, they’d all come around, and then you could visually check their eye’s, nose, etc and if any issues get an ear tag number and then talk to the farmer…..I thought I’d try it with Sheep!!!! ….there you go……a bit of a long answer to a short question but that’s why…..needless to say I didn’t ever get around to trying it after the first failed attempt.

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