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February 2011 - Very cold morning


Thought I ought to get back on here and write up some of my latest exploits in the garden. I missed out on Christmas and New Year because I was struck down with some virus or other and could not get out in the garden quick enough after my recover, only trouble is I always always do too much and kn……….. my back and knees up, but eh ho it encourages me to get the camera out and take some pictures instead of digging and pruning and sweeping and raking. So here goes:

New project (my Christmas Present)

I have planted bare root climbers and rambling roses around the post and rail fence and at the side of the new arch – so so looking forward to watching them develop and cover the new fence and arch, well fingers crossed anyway because the weather has been so bad since I put the roses in I am just hoping that they all survive.

Some of the garden in the frosty sunshine

These are a taller variety of snowdrop I am useless with names but they are pretty and multiply very quickly – I split the bunch up year before last and they have now got quite a big clump so will be able to divide them yet again.

The next picture is of snowdrops which were here in the garden hedgerows when we came to this cottage nearly 32 years ago, I sent Karen Sue some up to Carnoustie last year (hope they are flowering now Karen) they were about the only flower that was in this area which is now all gardened up. lol. well those and some english bluebells. Which again have been split up and scattered amongst the borders.

The last photo is taken from the backdoor, with sunlight streaming through, it is very frosty but still looks lovely even without the flowers. I am looking forward to spring and summer again to see them all in their glory, as I am sure you all are waiting patiently for yours to burst into colour. Good luck with the coming seasons, may your flowers all bloom spectacularly and your gardens glow with colour. Thank you all for your good wishes when I was poorly it is good to be back. – Oliveoil (Barbara)

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what a very pretty garden, i love that archway ~ and you have table and chairs to match!

8 Feb, 2011


glad you're feeling better, we heard you weren't very well.
Bet you're itching to get gardening.....

8 Feb, 2011


Thank you for your messages,
the archway is black and the table and chairs are green, maybe I can paint them in black (maybe not) another job I can leave out. lol. Must admit did wonder if the archway was a bit posh for me, but liked it because it had a gate and thought we should go for it. lol.

I am really itching to get gardening, have been out most days since feeling better, trouble is I do too much in one go, trying to limit the amount of time each day out there so that I do not get too tired.

8 Feb, 2011


in the picture you cant tell one is green and one is black so i dont think it matters. its a beautiful gate and will look even better with climbers on, enjoy your garden thats what i say!

8 Feb, 2011


2!....2 flowers....yes, 2 flowers lol...that's all I've got for all my efforts last year at planting snowdrops. However, they are definitely from the ones you sent, so that's good!

Love the arch Mum, and the placing of the table and chairs...very nice. Are you going to paint that fence black now to would look very smart!

8 Feb, 2011


Karen, Had not thought of doing that, was leaving it to go natural like the one around the big middle border, it is a bit stark at the moment but will soon change after weathering, it was pre-treated wood so should last ok. What a shame only two flowers, that is not on! will have to send more bulbs. will try and get some more up to you soon.

8 Feb, 2011


Thanks sticki I do enjoy it, you're right about the furniture, you cannot tell from the photo, I blame the photographer, lol. and of course the cheapo camera. lol.

8 Feb, 2011


Thanks Mum, but don't send any more. the ones that are growing will multiply in time and I am totally disheartened with them. I planted loads of bulbs in a pot in the shady garden and not one of them has poked it's head up...sigh!

8 Feb, 2011


sometimes its helpful not to be too detailed with the photo! i thought they all matched!!!
it was very cold here this morning but this afternoon is lovely ~ ive been out in the garden!

8 Feb, 2011


Yeah! me too, I didn't notice the difference either and I don't think it matters at looks great! Cold and cloudy here sticki, so you enjoy it while you have it! :))

8 Feb, 2011


Pleased you have recovered and out in the garden Barbara,just take it easy we don`t want to hear of any relapses. You have a lovely garden and that arch and gateway encourages one to want to wander beyond, I like a garden that does that, its really going to look nice when the roses and climbers show themselves.
That last photograph is fabulous, I like the way you have caught the suns rays filtering through......

8 Feb, 2011


Hi Barbara I'm glad to see you back and feeling better. I love your arch, and the last photo with rays of the sun is beautiful

8 Feb, 2011


Thanks people good to hear from you all, I liked the one with the sun rays too, very cold though here today, sun didn't really warm it up much.
Still better than rain and snow and definitely better than the wind we have had in the last week.

8 Feb, 2011


glad your feeling better...look forward to seeing your arch covered with lovely blooms...lovely photos too

9 Feb, 2011


Pleased to hear you're feeling better Barbara. I too like your photo with the lovely sunrays.Your archways look lovely., what are you going to grow over them, have you decided yet?

9 Feb, 2011


Me too Elsiemay hope they grow after all the cold weather.
Linsuffolk I have planted Roses either side to grow up and over well hopefully they will grow up and over - we had nothing but snow and ice after I planted them. Only just put the arch in was hoping I had put the roses in the right place - no worries I had.

10 Feb, 2011

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