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Catching Rats


Rats – eeergh I hate them but living in the country I am bound to get them coming into my garden. What is happening at the moment is a mystery that even Jonathan Creek would struggle to solve – so HELP – can anyone tell me where I am going wrong or what is going on? I have a rate cage, the door slides up and is secured by a level on the side the aim being that the bait is placed on a floating tray that tilts backwards, once the rat starts taking the bait the weight moves the tray forward and down shutting the door with it. Every night I bait the tray and set the securing lever as deleciate as possible. Every (frustrating) morning what do I find, not a smidgeon of bait left, no rat inside and door shut! I simply cannot fathom this out. I have even added weight to the door to make is shut quicker, no joy. Has anyone else had this problem and PLEASE can anyone help? I know rats are clever but I cannot imagine one holding the door open whilst the other feeds (ha ha) but this problem is beyong me and I am starting to tear my hair out. So please help me fellow members, and thank you.

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Maybe its not a rat? Could another animal get at the bait

22 Mar, 2012


get a cat my cats kill all rats,my neighbor loves them as when i moved in the neighborhood was infested with them,I just cant stop them giveing me them as presents,Its got to be something big so that when they back out the door shuts,a fox maybe

23 Mar, 2012


but if you get rid of one rat another will fill the space. especially if you are in the country side.

23 Mar, 2012


My neighbour who is a farmer uses long pieces of drainpipe, puts it on a ratrun and pushes a tray of poison right to the middle using a long stick then a piece of wood or something each end....leaving a gap keeps most other animals out

23 Mar, 2012

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