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WEEK OFF: Day 1......A Spring Sunday


Hi all!

Boy, have I been looking forward to this week off and as I will be mostly in the garden, I thought I would share my week off with you all.

As Ali is not on a week off – she only gets 4 weeks a year so I have 2 without her – she went off to work whilst I pottered around the house and garden. Then, when she got home, I suggested the GC to get some manure to turn over in the veg plots ready for planting later this week. So, off we went and once again, the ‘voices in my head’ were telling me to buy things!

Pots, flowers, watering can for TerrorJACdyl when he comes over – he loves to water the flowers with me but my can is too big and heavy – some more pots……plants, veggie seeds……..more flowers, more pots………oh, and the the manure!! Luckily, ebay helps to pay for all this so we weren’t being extragavent:0)

SO, we arrived home, emptied the car and had a spot of lunch out on the decking in glorious sunshine. Then, as I went to collect the plates to take in and wash, Ali said, ’I’ll do them, you go and play!’ Well, talk about making you feel like a 6-year old, BUT, I’d rather be the 6-year old in the garden than the man in the kitchen doing dishes!

I started with a couple of pics and loved the way this one turned out…….

Water droplet on Dwarf Lupin…..

Then, as I looked up, I saw this little one hanging on to some nesting material:0)

Popped in to GH to see how my French Marigold seeds were coming on…..

Then caught this pic and thought how poignant it was…..

Standing in the GH to take the last photo, I heard a buzzing then it stopped. I looked up to see Mr Buzzling Bee. 10 minutes later he was still silently sat on the window frame……

NB: I opened the window to allow him a way out and he sure enough, he left…….through the door!

Then I tiptoed through the next bit……

As I went to pot some plants up, I spotted the very rare, Narcissus Blackbird – latin name of Blackarcissus! A great find AND, in my woodlandy area:0)

It was quite funny as it was a typical Sunday as the lady did all the work gathering nesting material from my bark……..

…..whilst the man just has a lazy Sunday…..watching the lady do the work! Sound familiar girls?

So, just for that Mr B, I’m gonna slot in another pic of your beautiful wife……

I have to say that I love the sound of these birds as they swoop over the garden early evening…..I like it all the time but there’s just something magical about their call as they fly back and fore as the sun goes down:0))

Back in the GH, I noticed that since potting on my 2 strawberry plants into my Herb box, the one on the right has been flourishing. I was given the one on the left by my Supervisor in work and the one on the right is the one I produced from the one off him. I will post another pic of the one on the right in a few days as it is growing by the hour!

The Aubretia that Ali rescued from a local veg shop is now looking much healthier after I popped it in the GH…..

I picked up a lovely Bellis Habanera mix from the GC as well which went into a new pot that was also a bargain ……

Close-up of Bellis Harbanera…..

In case any of you are wondering what me and Ali do when we are out in the garden, well……..we sit, contemplate and take in the view……

Water droplet on Bellis Red……

I potted up my new Erythronium: Pagoda……

Dainty little lady this one:0)

I re-potted my HEBE: Assorted Varieties – LISA to make way for this Helichrysum: RUby Cluster….

…and the HEBE went in it’s new, slightly deeper pot, on the steps of the decking…

Anyone got a napkin please to wipe my beak?

A nice juicy new bud on the Rowan………

One of many!

This little Blanda Blue Anemone was looking a little worse for wear at the GC so I picked it up, brought it home and popped it in a nice little pot to see if it will flourish:0)

Mr Frog the water bath thingy was rather battered and rusty from a heavy winter. Should have brought him in really but I didn’t and he suffered. So, I made him feel a tad better by planting him up with some Bellis Red……

Picked up these 2 Grecian-type Urns for less than £7 which I thought was a bargain. Top one planted with Aquilegia: Clementine White with GERANIUM: Balcon Lilac to tumble over the front. The smaller urn on step below is planted with Pansy F1 purple which I thought gave a nice, rich contrast against the lightness of the urn……

Before xmas, Sanbaz very kindly sent Ali the tiniest of Fuschia cuttings which Ali has had on the kitchen window ever since. I potted it on today and boy does it look healthy:0))


BERGENIA: Harzkristall doing well down by the pond and covered in morning dew…..

As the day wore on, and time was wearing thin, this little un popped down onto the path and judging by his frame, he’s not a regular as he hasn’t been feasting on the gourmet banquets we put out for our feathered friends!

A juvenile maybe?

Had a good look round anyway before flying off so may have another visitor now!

And how was your day……..?

Skimmia Japonica in flower

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what a lovely and productive holiday. the thing I love about gardening is that you notice so many thing when out working there. Like knowing that that pair of blackbirds is local to you and may bring their young to visit. my non gardening friends just look at me when I say MY robin came within a couple of feet while I was digging, they just dont appreciate the wonder of it all.

14 Apr, 2010


You're right, Mageth..
We do notice bird nests etc when we are gardening...

Hi OB....Love the pics and captions...
... especially the photo of you and Ali. Lol.

14 Apr, 2010


excellent blog really enjoyed your photos

14 Apr, 2010


Smashing blog and photo`s Dan and its not only you ,I also prefer the gardening over housework any time, also going to the GC`s are the only shopping trips that I like as well,lol...I do agree with you about the birdsong, a blackbird singing just as twilight is upon us has a beautiful sound to it, luckily we have them living in the hawthorn at the bottom of the garden..Enjoy your holiday.............

14 Apr, 2010


Glad you found time to 'stand and stare' - we don't often do that, do we? Well - not often enough, anyway. :-))

14 Apr, 2010


Well you have made the most of your holiday!! Lovely photos loved the birds

14 Apr, 2010


sounds like your hols has got off to a great start Dan, i always have a good chuckle when reading your blogs so funny and some lovely close-ups and flowers, your garden is looking so lovely i have to say, ive done some seeds today which im not sure i will again, they are so fine, how can we possibly sow them grr lol, anyhow will see what happens, potted on toms into pots and on my window ledge, havent a clue where they will grow either, wish i had a greenhouse but no room now, bourght some composs and couldnt resist a few plants either, post a pic later, enjoy the rest of your week Dan :o)))

14 Apr, 2010


Lovely blog, OB, and beautiful photographs although I think you are a bit mean showing off your Rowan bud! However, I have been a given mine a good talking to and will post the result later :)

Your Mr and Mrs Blackbird are delightful and so like my pair (although my Mrs has only one leg!). I also have a second pair lurking on the fringes of the garden who dive in and pinch food when they think they will get away with it :)

I really enjoyed your day in the garden, thanks for sharing :)

14 Apr, 2010


Brilliant blog and photos.

14 Apr, 2010


What cracking photo`s OB especially like the one of Mr and Mrs and the Bellis and Lupin shots were stunning.
All in all it was better than going to the cinema. Enjoy the rest of your holiday.

14 Apr, 2010


great blog ..lovely photos ...have a good week out there!

14 Apr, 2010


Glad you are enjoying...and making the most of...your break Ob.Great blog..what a lot going on ! Like the pic of the lupin leaf with teardrop..........

14 Apr, 2010


Brilliant blog, superb photos, really enjoyed it.

14 Apr, 2010


Mageth: Know what you mean about the funny looks. Turning 40 a couple of years ago changed my whole outlook on this whole gardening thing and I suddenly discovered 3 new wonderful things......gardens, wildlife and photography! Combined, they sit perfectly together. I get the odd looks and one or two of my staff think I'm a tad mad as I get excited about seeds growing and such like!! As for noticing things, Ali said there were a pair of collared doves mating on our Rowan yesterday when I was at a meeting and afterwards, they just sat there for 20 minutes or more:0)

TT: Thanks and we look good in orange, don't you think!

Lincs: Thanks! GC's are great and did another one today, previously unvisited! Give you 1 guess what happened! The Blackbirds are just amazing and sat out on the decking with a cuppa and a set of eyes and ears is just magical:0)

Spritz: You're quite right, we don't. I always have my camera on me in the garden foe every opportunity that may arise. Mind you, cameras don't give you the wonderful sounds of the various bird songs!

San: Thanks and I'm glad you enjoy myblogs. It's great to see everyon'es style of writing and how they compose their own blogs, don't you think? I'm having some success with my seeds with a tray full of French Marigolds even fuller than the pic in this blog now plus about 13 Seashell Cosmos in another tray! Others though are taking their time to appear......I'll keep waiting though! I will enjoy my week thanks.......mostly in the garden:0)

Gee: Thanks, as always, for your kind comments. I have seen the most positive results achieved, by speaking to your Rowan.....impressive, to say the least! Glad you enjoyed the day and join me through the week as I blog every few days. Currently working on days 2 & 3:0)

Stroller: Wow, high praise indeed. Thank you so much and remind me to send you round the popcorn and Kiora for the next blog!! lol! I think nature is betterthan the cinema and IT'S FREE!

Bonkers: Thanks as always. Lots going on and veg patch tomorrow. Both going out to turn over and add manure before planting our veggies.

Mrsmelon/Great/Clarice/Viv1 & Valadel: Thank you all for your comments. It's much appreciated:0))

14 Apr, 2010


Smashing blog OB, love your photo's....Enjoy your week off, hope the weather stays sunny for you. :o)

15 Apr, 2010


Thanks Potty. Just got back from GC with some more seed trays to start our toms and cukes off. I was very good and only bought what we needed and had some great bargains at the Wyevale. Compost was 3 for £12 but 4 if you are a member. Plus weed membrane for the continuation of the path around the side of the decking was BOGOF, which I didn't know until I got to the counter! No plants today - I purposely walked the other way, but some nice bargains on what we did need.

Back out in a while to turn over the veg patch ready for planting. Cuppa first though:0)

15 Apr, 2010


Nice when what you actually want is on offer! Perhaps best to avoid the plants at the moment as they weather is still a bit unpredictable. I need a cuppa in-between jobs revitalises you ready for the next job. Nice day for being outside, I have just got back from walking Benny..... :o)

15 Apr, 2010


ive done some seeds to Dan but not sure i like doing them with no greenhouse, its hard work finding places to put them, but ive had a go. see what happens, got labelia and petunias, also some marigolds to sow at weekend, they are so fine you cant possible do them seperate lol, so i just sprinkled them on composs and hope for the best

15 Apr, 2010


I love the close up of the Bellis. I've been growing them too but after they'd been out in all the snow the leaves were rotting I spent ages sorting them out and thought maybe I wouldn't buy them again but they picked up so well and the flowers are beautiful so I can feel my mind a changing. Lovely blog of to read the next installment now.

15 Apr, 2010


Lovely pics Dan I missed seeing all these-you can tell that I am pretty new around here as I am still finding my way around I am getting there though. Glad the marigolds are coming up OK :-)

15 Apr, 2010

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