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GARDEN CENTRE'S........shouldn't be legal!!!


Hi all!

Hope you’ve all had a nice, relaxing Easter wih lots of chocolate and even more gardening:0)

When I finished work on Saturday, Ali and I shot down to Tenby to spend the night with my sister and her partner at their caravan. Basically an excuse for a drink and I cooked us all a meal…..very nice thank you sir!

We came home today, Sunday afternoon, and on-route, we were sidetracked by a Garden Centre…….well, 2 actually! Now, that’s all very well but don’t these people know that these place possess an hypnotic charm that lures me in and makes me open my wallet…….fatal!

So, I’ve been a very naughty boy and should be punished but before I am, you should just check out what I actually picked up…….and some bargains in there too!

When we got back home around 5pm, I immediately set to work with the camera as well as planting. The first thing that caught my eye were these little shoots poking through…..

Yes, it’s my Asiatic Lilies showing through and I did nothing with them all winter except leave them in the container. Hoping for good things!

PEACH BLOSSOM Tulips in the new planter are starting to show signs of some colour coming through…..

Can’t remember the name of this…….

One of the little signs I picked up at the GC was to help Ali remember what was what in the garden……

Always good to make our feathered friends feel welcome…….

So much so……..

…..this one took it literally!

This little Siskin seems to enjoy his Niger seeds……

…..hasn’t stopped eating offa here all week!

Picked up this stunning Peony called Little Medicine Man but needed a nice pot to make it look it’s best!

Couldn’t resist this one……

Also bought a bigger version of this pot as well which I have planted some surprises in!

Also thought I might try my hand at growing mushrooms this year and already having some success in the woodland area…..

Close-up of Mr Mushroom….

Picked up this lovely terracotta cat as well……….

Ali loves him!

And this little pot man was sat all on his ownsome and needed a good home, so he came with us as well!!

I guess the next little sign is true as well…..

My Black barlow are looking healthy…….

….and my little BRUNNERA MACROPHYLLA: Jack Frost is going great guns with loads of new leaves showing again this week!

So, with strawberries planted up in my herb box, more seeds planted in bowls and currently in GH, surpises in my other new pot awaiting future pics for GoY debut and a great night with my sis, all in all, not a bad weekend if I say so myself!

And how was your weekend?

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You were lucky!!!!.....its illegal for Garden Centres to sell plants on Easter Day!!

5 Apr, 2010


you just have to buy them don`t you ? they look good and healthy and i`m sure will be worth the money for the satisfaction they bring...... like the mushroom !!

5 Apr, 2010


glad you and Ali had a good time Dan,love all your new purchases to, i like the terracota cats to,lily`s come back really well , mine do to, dont need much attention, just watch out for lily beetles i had some last year, soon got shut of them though, will eat it all, lovely pics Dan :o)

5 Apr, 2010


Your new garden stuff looks great - I love the cat too! Your new containers are filling up quickly. Did you keep the dwarf lupin in the container in the end?

5 Apr, 2010


Thanks all and yes Spindle, I left the dwarf Lupins in the planter!

5 Apr, 2010


ours were shut yesterday.

5 Apr, 2010


These were 2 smallish nurseries on the route home SBG but they were at opposite ends of the spectrum when it came to presentation and choice

5 Apr, 2010


The garden centres and other businesses can open if they're under a certain size .... the 'large floor area' places can't open, but others can.
There are a couple of garden centres near me that can open Easter Sunday and they're always packed !!!

6 Apr, 2010


yes our village nursery was open to, just small one

6 Apr, 2010 that the way round it.....I didn't know. Thanks Louise....drat....we could have gone to a couple of small ones as well....tsk.....:-)

6 Apr, 2010


At least you know for next year, Alice ;-)

6 Apr, 2010


you were so close to my nursery OB.....only fifteen miles from tenby.....we were open on easter sunday too...but it was nice to see tesco actualy gave their staff a day off....;-)

6 Apr, 2010


Hi Sandra.

Had we known we could have popped along but we definitley know for next time. Thanks for that:0))

6 Apr, 2010


thats ok..OB....its always nice to meet other GOYers....let me know if u do so i can make sure im here...

6 Apr, 2010


Our local GC, a national one, was open to its 'Garden Club' members to peruse and have lunch if they wished. I'm wondering if non-members were allowed to enrol there and then. Labdancer may be able to answer that.

6 Apr, 2010


Pleased you had a nice time love your plant pot man think he's great.

6 Apr, 2010


Snap Megan - ours was only open to members and then only to sell their food no tills were open - but that was ok I went Friday instead (pouring down with rain and it was empty so had a good nose around on my own!!!)

6 Apr, 2010


Is it the GC company beginning with a 'W' by any chance ? : o )

6 Apr, 2010


Sounds like a fantastic weekend, OB. Glad you enjoyed it and that you found some GC's open. That's one 'cool' mushroom you've grown there :)

6 Apr, 2010


Didn`t he do well. Thats the best looking mushroom I`ve seen.

6 Apr, 2010


Love your gardens nic nacs

9 Apr, 2010


wow, that peony is worth growing for its leaves alone, looking forward to seeing it in a few weeks time and your trough with the tulips. It is amazing the trance like state that takes us over in these places and the little voice in our heads saying....I need that, that is the very thing! lol:-)

11 Apr, 2010


Thanks all!

The mushroom sure is cool man!

Our nic-nacs are an extension of us we think. We love the quirky things as we can just drop them almost anywhere in the garden and they add character! Got a couple more to post on my pics later!

Yes Bornagain, the Peony is really stunning on it's leaves alone but it should give a lovely flower as well.......

The tulips are now open and a pic has been posted so take a look, really nice:0)) And yes, I get the voices TOO MANY TIMES in myhead and they cost me a fortune........

11 Apr, 2010


Lovely blog, OB....
I've been very busy... so not on GoY much...
... now trying to catch up ! :o)

11 Apr, 2010


Know the feeling TT! What with work and everything, I don't get as much time to be on here but trying to catch up every few days.

SEvertone has some really great pics and blogs but oh to get them all in!

Been out there all day pretty much......lovely weather.....

11 Apr, 2010

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