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Spring planting.......Oddbillie's back!!


Is that yellow, that I aspy,
Growing from bulb, before my eye,
Planted there, afore christmas last,
Now wonderful spells are being cast,
Never believed they would grow for me,
But here they are, for all to see,
A woodlad border, with colour abound,
Grown with love, from under ground,
And nowt more iconic, for a fully-fledged Taff,
For that yellow is the start, of my Springtime Daffs!

Okay, so they’e not out out, just yet but they’re on their way! Who would have thought eh?!

So, today being my last day of a long weekend off meant it had to be spent in the garden. The sun was shining, albeit it was a little chilly, and the wildlife was calling and things needed doing. I’ve mentioned before that I sell bits on Ebay and last Autumn, I had a particularly good month on there which enabled me to purchase some cracking wooden planters for the continuation of my garden project – more of those later.

Some of you may remember the path that I put down last August and the idea now, was to extend it off the side slightly on to the grass. This was in order to place 3 rectangular planters alongside the path.

This was the path after it was finished last year:

This was after I had prepped the extended area today…

I did have a certain little someone keeping an eye on me from the safety of the border…..(Is this a juvenile Robin by any chance?

I was meant to be taking pics as I went along but I find I just get so engrossed in it all that before you know it, it’s done…..and here it is with the planters in place before I planted them up!

I did stop for a spot of light lunch – slice of beef and a packet of Hula Hoops. Yes, I know how to lord it up! Whilst I was standing up to go and get my lunchtime feast, I spotted this little fella who obviously had the same idea as me….

Sitting on the decking, I was able to take a few nice close-ups of some critters buzzing around my Crocus’……

After I had finished my huuuuuge meal….NOT…..I duly planted up the first planter:

I know it’s a bit overcrowded with all the different plants but I got carried away and I can always remove some if they get too choked!

Played safer on number 2 with some Pinocchio Tulip bulbs, bedding and a small conifer!

As I was starting on number 3, one of the scaredy-cat doves flew down to inspect the new planters…..

Can you believe that he actually came within 3 feet of me? I was gobsmacked but managed to get this pic as proof….

It didn’t last long though and as he walked to the pond and I got my camera out…..well, the pic kind of explains it

We did have an audience up in the gallery as well…

So, planter number 3 now looks like this….

This one is full of seeds of various flowers which I hope will create an explosion of colour in the summer….WATCH THIS SPACE!

This pic shows the 2 hexagonal planters as well. I planted these up a week or so ago..

Our little Hazel tree we got ourselves a couple of weeks ago….

And as always, a few pics of some of my friends who were about the place today……

And this poor chap completely lost his head…..!

And how was your day?

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love the new look garden Dan and the planters go really well to, is that a lupin in first box to the right, if so i would either put in a pot on its own or in border as they grow huge, i had two last year and were stunning but big,
lovely close-ups and colour to, its going to be fab in summer :o)

15 Mar, 2010


I will watch this space. Your planters are wonderful.

15 Mar, 2010


Nice pics, will watch out for the explosion of colour in your planters!

15 Mar, 2010


looks all neat and tidy,well done ..:o))

15 Mar, 2010


Your planters look great - the poem made me smile too.

15 Mar, 2010


You have been busy today-the planters look great

15 Mar, 2010


You have been very busy and the results are brilliant. No wonder you had an enthralled audience :)

15 Mar, 2010


lovely range of birds too.
the one you thought might be a robin is a dunnock, sometimes called a hedge sparrow. young robins are speckled brown.

15 Mar, 2010


San: Yes, ou are completely right....old eagle eyes! They are dwarf lupins though so don't grow as big. I can still repot if tyou think it's better but they said a lot smaller on side of pot.

SBG: Funnily enough, Ali went out with her daughter tonight whilst the future son-in-law stayed here with me. I showed him the pics and we discussed the possibility of it being a Dunnock! Thanks for the confirmation:0)

Thanks for all the kind comments everyone. It was a productive day well spent.

15 Mar, 2010


Great photos as always Oddbillie.Good to see the bees out and about too !

15 Mar, 2010


Great planters and everything looks so neat, it`s going to be lovely when they`re full of colour and hopefully that won`t be long . Nice of you to share your lunchtime as well.........
loved your little poem as well...........

15 Mar, 2010


lol i would leave them for now then Dan and see what happens, you can always move them if they do grow to big, forgot to say i loved the poetry to :o)

16 Mar, 2010


Brill blog and photos my day today was spent at the vets.

16 Mar, 2010


Thanks BB. Just nice to see all the buzzies and birds and just generally be back out there! Being able to lose yourself is a wonderful feeling and makes good the bad things around you....if that makes sense?!!!

Cheeres Lincs, very kind of you to say so!

Okay San, I will leave the lupins for now and see how 'dwarf-like they are! Glad you like thepoem as well:0))

Nothing serious I hope Clarice??

16 Mar, 2010


Makes total sense Ob !!!! Been there..worn the tee shirt...

16 Mar, 2010


:0)) My job, or more honestly, my company, are totally stressing me out at present with some of their decisions and total refusal to listen to any advice. I just count the days until my next day off so I can disappear!


16 Mar, 2010


put your foot down Dan, who`s the boss there,, your company your rules :o)

17 Mar, 2010



When I say my company....I mean the company I work for! How I would love to make the rules San! Oh what fun I could have.......:0))

17 Mar, 2010


oh sorry Dan lol well at least it gave you a laugh hahah

17 Mar, 2010



Does Madperth still frequent these parts anymore San? I know she told me before xmas that she was very busy with her Uni course.....

17 Mar, 2010


not been around in quite a while cause of uni and so busy, but think she will be back in summer Dan

18 Mar, 2010


Loved the poem and the rest of the blog.It`s great to see things coming together, look forward to seeing the planters in full bloom.

18 Mar, 2010


Thanks Stroller. We have lots planned for this year, inside and out so who knows what the year will bring.

I'm 'hoping' the planters will look good but first time with seeds so fingers crossed!

22 Mar, 2010


Looking good... added to GoYpedia Gravel Garden ideas :o)

2 Apr, 2010

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