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By nickybs


Hi guys,

I’m fairly new to the whole gardening gig but seem to have be bitten by the bug. I’ve a relatively small garden with borders on 3 sides, lawn and patio and two 8 by 6 raised beds which I use to grow veg.

So far I’ve had some successes and as many failures. This year my broad beans have grown fabulously, some being planted last autumn and some (to fill in the gaps) early this spring. My first harvest was last week and they were sweeter than any I’d ever grown before. However, I took my second harvest today and despite taking only what looked to be well-filled pods I was alarmed to find that many of them had no beans in at all…big fat pods with nothing inside but tiny black seeds! Anyone got any ideas why this would be?

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I've no idea nicky, not being a veggie gardener, but do you think it could be lack of rain?
Don't be put off though, that's gardening. Many years ago I used to grow veg and I do remember how wonderful it is too 'grow your own'. Haven't got the space or the energy nowadays! Godd luck with future crops :o)

15 Jun, 2011


Thanks Lily, think you could be right. A more experienced vegger than I suggested the same thing. We'll soon see though, as the plants are currently producing loads of new pods higher up the stems and I don't think anyone would say we're in a drought at the mo!!!!!! Fingers crossed these will be more productive. It was highly embarrassing finding the 'cupboard' bare after I'd waxed lyrical to my hubby about how deliciously sweet they were.

16 Jun, 2011


No, definitely no drought here either Nicky, hope the rain does the trick. If you wanted any other opinions you might get more response if you asked in the 'Questions' section. There are lots of very knowlegeable gardeners on here but as GoY has become so popular now it's hard to follow everything so a lot of the wise ones read the questions in preference to the blogs. Not being all that wise, I look at blogs first!

16 Jun, 2011

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