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By nana_d


We put a bird box up earlier last month and was so pleased that a family of Great Tits made it their home watching mum and dad busily feeding their babies was a lovely sight then all of a sudden on Friday morning no sign of the mum and dad on Saturday evening OH went down to look and in the nest two perfectly formed baby Great Tits dead:( we can only assume something frightened the mum and dad away nature is lovely but sometimes so cruel.

On a lighter note it has been raining here all day but the birds have been busy feeding in our garden all day and the pigeons have been keeping us amused with there antics:)

Lets hope the rain lets up soon otherwise I will have to find a website that sells goulashes and mackintoshes for our little birdies:)

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Sorry to hear that Nana - We have a blackbird's nest in canopy but not sure if anything going on - daren't check it yet in case. Sorry about the great tits - wonder if they have been killed , don't easily leave young too easy, sad anyway ): The pigeons are so stupid birds and funny to watch :D Wood pigeons have a call that supposedly says
"my head betty, my head hurts betty, my head hurts Betty "
lol something to remember :D:D:D

12 Jun, 2011


Brilliant Paul, I'll remember that one definitely. Aren't pigeons a silly pain in the neck?! (sorry, any pigeon friends out there). They keep getting stuck inside my neighbours fruit netting. Heaven knows how they manage it. We free them because we're only human...

12 Jun, 2011


haha yes they're so stupid and big and clumsey :D

12 Jun, 2011


Think we could do a comedy sketch with words to their actions we laugh so much at their actions and the way they look so stupid:)

12 Jun, 2011


Hi Weeding they keep landing on my mimulas which is very annoying but hey they make me laugh:)

12 Jun, 2011


Collared doves say "united - united"

12 Jun, 2011


Hi Paul

Strange we have not had any collared doves yet this year perhaps they know we are not united supporters? Rains stopped here but it is still very windy whats the weather like with you? My youngest daughter is at the Isle of Wight gig this weekend first weekend ever camping it will be her last:(

12 Jun, 2011


Weather at last rained - for night I haven't had to go out with hose, June always seems to be like this. Sorry about your daughter's gig being dampened - she prob still enjoy it though :):):)

13 Jun, 2011


So sorryabout the baby birds but found the funny side of the macks etc to keep the birds dry.

13 Jun, 2011


I had similar experience this year, with 2 fully-formed baby blackbirds inexplicably abandoned in the nest.... I hope the bluetits return another time to your garden and rear babies which survive and become fully grown.

13 Jun, 2011


Thanks Terratoonie we have cleared the nest and hopefully we will get a second little family move in and we will hopefully see the fledglings learning to fly and feed:)

13 Jun, 2011


Hi, Shame about the Great Tits but there could be lots of reasons for them to perish although i would take down box and thoroughly clean it, just in case.
My mum always taught me that the Pigeons call was..
"My toe bleeds Betty".

15 Jun, 2011

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