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My first year of vegetable!


By mrswm


Hi Gardening friends,
I started gardening last year by growing vegetables in my back garden and I love it! This year my Dad (who used to have a huge veggie patch back in the 70s) is going to help me really make the most of the garden and guide me through a successful year of growing – and I hope all the expertise on this site from all you out there will help too!

I’ve started a veg growing blog so beginners can come along with me on my veg adventure! It would be great if you could have a peak and give your tuppence worth, all advice gratefully received!

Thanks, speak soon!
Mrs W-M

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Welcome to Goy mrswm, I,m sorry but I have enough trouble keeping up with Goy and don't go to other sites, always interested if you post photos on here though!

11 Jan, 2013


welcome from me too. I have the same problems as Pamg, but would look to see your progress on blogs on here too.
dont be afraid to ask questions on here, you'll get lots of advice.

11 Jan, 2013


I agree - blog on here and we will all be following you

11 Jan, 2013


I think this is a great idea, I will be checking regularly, being a newbie myself to vege growing, I think sharing others experiences is a great way of learning. I have book-marked it as a favourite.

11 Jan, 2013


I ran a blog for year's on growing by the moon... you might want to check it out

11 Jan, 2013


Your Dad may be offended if you ask other people for advice. 'The Allotmenteer' is available on line if you would like a monthly copy free of charge, just send me your email address by private message.

12 Jan, 2013


Good luck with your new venture and I hope we have good weather for growing!

12 Jan, 2013


re Snoopdog's comment - Gardening is a science subject and the main problem with elderly men is they are not interested in expanding their knowledge. I dont know it all and never will. Just collect it and send on to other gardeners who want it.
You should do well Mrs.WM as you are prepared to learn.

13 Jan, 2013


Like your blog but I dont have the time to go to the other sites. Hope you join in on here as would love to see your veg etc.

13 Jan, 2013


Hi Everyone
Wow! Thanks for all the comments and thoughts, what a lovely friendly bunch you are!
I'll definitely be posting my questions on here as you all have such a breadth of knowledge. Don't worry Diane, my Dad won't be offended! It's all good fun and more experience the better! I'll send you my email.
MoonGrowe - your blog sounds interesting, I did briefly look into growing by the moon but think I'm just going to stick to growing in between working! :)
Andrea - thanks for the follow, yes lets keep in touch and see how we both get on - really looking forward to growing alongside other gardeners!
Snoopdog - I'm with you, I'm all for the simple life and the simple way of doing things, I have enough complexities in my life already! :)))
Thanks again for the welcome everyone, speak soon
Mrs W-M x

13 Jan, 2013


Ha ha Snoopdog. I am 85 next April so you have a long way to go to catch me up. Apathy is not the way to live.

13 Jan, 2013

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