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somethings eating my cabbage/cauliflower !


Well not having much luck with these again this year..
They were very slow to germinate and I final got them in and they were looking well…not very big though..
Few weeks on and something has completely eaten the leaves..I had put slug pellets down so don’t think it was slugs….have any of you any ideas?

…I have made a bit of a scarecrow incase it maybe pigeons.
Also have some new seeds germinating in the greenhouse.
Maybe get some later on, I’m so determined as I did not have any last year…

better late than never, as they say…LOL

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could be the birds,keep going you can beat them

4 Jun, 2010


Think it could be the birds,Mm,especially may be better to put nets over would help...good luck with your new ones..:o)

4 Jun, 2010


i'd say pigeons too. they decimated mine a few years ago.

4 Jun, 2010


thanks, I have been and put some netting over them now

4 Jun, 2010


There are more pigeons around than you can shake a hairy stick at ... I bet it's them! ;O)

4 Jun, 2010


I had a row of lettuce last weekend and now I have none,yes its netted so guess I`ve fed the slugs........

4 Jun, 2010

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