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On a cold, wintery morning...


By mouldy


Having given it much thought over the years, I’m still of the opinion that weather-forecasters should have to pay for an entertainers’ licence just like any other comedian!
Thank the stars I planted some bulbs yesterday, in direct response to an instantaneous attack of ‘ants in my pants’, (Yeah, makes me snigger, too), as I awoke to a light dusting of snow!
No, not on ME, ‘course not. Well, if you’d have just let me finish what I was going to say, ‘stead of interrupting.
Anyway, the bulbs are safely tucked in.
Phlox, orchids & lillies, along with a forsythia, a weigela & a nice, wee bleeding heart.
I also managed to sow a 2nd lot of basil, parsley, lobelia, along with phlox (seeds) & busy lizzies indoors.
And let’s not miss out the entree…poached eggs. Geddit…poached?
Oh, must you all groan so loudly, it’s beginning to sound like A&E in here?! Now, where were we?
Yeah, weather…well, the forecast was cold, overcast with drizzle and to think that they spend billions on this malarky.
(Everyone shakes their heads collectively, even those using generic brands of dandruft control, but they do an unobtrusive spotcheck just to reassure themselves, as you can never be sure!).
The point is that even localised weather reports can be wildy innacurate, so from now on I’m going to rely on the ants!
(Mouldy shambles off, whistling tunelessly)

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If you are relying on the Ants in the Pants - what happens when those pants go in the wash ;) or is that why you are called Mouldy!!

10 Mar, 2013


Lol. I wondered how long before my heinous hygiene habits were sussed x-(

10 Mar, 2013


and our paper let us know that March weather would be 'unpredictable' kidding :)
can't be more accurate than that!

11 Mar, 2013


Well, they were right about the wind &the snow that we were due to get today as I've awoken to just that. Still, I guess it is only March. Roll on warmer weather! Not surprisingly I haven't sown anything yet.My runner beans, morning glories etc. will have to wait.

11 Mar, 2013


They got it right here also! Strong, cold, North easterly winds & snow flurries from time to time. Freezing temps in the early hours of the day. Hardly moved above freezing all day.

Tomorrow we can expect more of the same but less probability of snow. Even so the snow flurries today were of that dry snow that falls like tiny polystyrene balls.

11 Mar, 2013


I think they try to be too detailed nowadays with the forecasts!
And ,by the way, at least in this weather, those who do have problems because of the use of generic brands of Dandruff shampoo can always say it's flakes of snow!

11 Mar, 2013


Hi Balconey & thanks for the welcome.
Like you, I'm trying to cram as much variety & colour into the space as possible. I'm hoping that way to hide my mistakes & losses.
Hi Paul.
How did your lad's gig go? Well, I hope!
I shave my napper to the wood, but tend to bung in any old twaddle that enters my tiny little mind during the blog. I believe the technical literary term is 'desperation!' Lol.
Hi, Floral.
Me, I was daft enough to believe the internet's local weather report. How gullible am I?
As they say..."There's no fool like an old fool!"

12 Mar, 2013


His gig went extremely well thanks Mouldy...he's becoming a bit of an old pro now.Nearly 29 , been entertaining since he left 6th form!!!!! Gained a lot of experience!!

13 Mar, 2013


Sorry for the delay in replying, Paul. My ISP have only just repaired whatever went wrong with one of their masts, which is about half a mile from my flat, I kid you not!
I kept getting kicked off the net, early yesterday, so knew something was awry, yet, when I kept phoning to enquire, they pooh-poohed the very idea, suggesting my phone was at fault.
Anyway, enough of that palaver!
Sounds like you had a good time at the gig.
Hi, Junna. Welcome to my green posse.
Talking of which, the recent snow has taken out some of our troops, namely, those delectable ladies from the primula family.
To them I say...peace & respect.

13 Mar, 2013


Yes, it's never their fault, Mouldy!!!!!

13 Mar, 2013


Tell me about it.
We have a saying in Glasgow..."It wasn't me, it was some big boys & they ran away!" Lol.

13 Mar, 2013


No they never get the weather right. It's either done it already, or does it a few days later, ... but never when they say it's going to do it.
Good luck with your seeds :o)

14 Mar, 2013


Ha ha!!

14 Mar, 2013

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