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By mouldy


Through no fault of my own I appear to have ‘inherited’ an ‘L’ shaped strip of a tenement back court, here in balmy Glasgow, UK. Am I scared? You betcha, but I’m not letting that get in the way!
Doubtless, I’ll fail with some plants & have success with others & my hope is that this steep learning curve I’m on will bear fruit (Less groaning at the back, please!) in that I’ll end up wiser as well as fitter.
I’m expecting blood, sweat (Who said “Sweaty sock”?) & tears, especilly tears, when the weather, birds, cats, dogs, squirrels & neighbours’ kids (called ‘weans’ in these parts) take their toll, but I shall manfully brush them away (My tears, I mean. Do pay attention for goodness sake, as I WILL be asking questions!)
In all seriousness, I will have questions. LOTS of them. If I don’t ask I won’t learn, so please be patient with me.
I’ve already put up trellissing (kant spel), edging board & 4"/10cms of topsoil & have planted two climbing roses, a passiflora (though it was given to me gratis, as the guy at the garden centre pronounced it “…beyond hope”. Me, I’m a sucker for a lost cause!) & dubious looking honeysuckle, (See what I mean?).
Now all I have to do is blag one of the local library staff to show me how to get the photos from my phone to this site.
Being a bit crumbly, I’m not au fait with the procedure. Another steep learning curve, I guess.
(Mouldy exits stage left).

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good luck with it all. looking forward to seeing the photos when you've mastered the downloading! ;-)

6 Mar, 2013


great blog! loved it! ask away ~ there are loads of people on here willing to share their knowledge and ideas ~ i dont know many answers but im sure someone will!

are you able to put your photos onto the computer? or did you use your phone to write the blog?

6 Mar, 2013


Well u made me smile Mouldy whether u manage to get u'r pictures on or not.....more, soon please!!
If writing blog on iPhone, just press add photos and browse and it will take u to u'r pictures on phone. or, I suppose if u write blog on computer, u'r have to connect u'r phone to computer via USB lead!

6 Mar, 2013


My advice is to write everything down Mouldy. Thats how you will learn and remember.
I was a shorthand typist but it took me 1.5 years to learn to manage the basics of a computer at classes 2 mornings a week. The young ones just didnt have patience with me.
There is too much of this expectation nowadays that older people can only be told something once.
Make them wait, as you write it down in a notebook.
Then make them go over it with you, as you practice the first time.
Then go home and practice, while its fresh in your mind.
Then practice again the next day, and so on.
The main thing is to do it slowly, then you will learn.
Ignore the smart Alec's who want everything at 90 mph -
I know what they are like.

7 Mar, 2013


Great blog Mouldy, to my way of thinking if you are enjoying the task in hand then you will master it, it seems you like your L-shape and have already started getting it sorted, good luck with your pics , I look forward to seeing your garden progress .....

7 Mar, 2013


I think you are very brave taking it on. Look forward to hearing about it's progress. I hope there won't be too much damage from those "weans". Best wishes to you & the plot.

7 Mar, 2013


Good luck from me, hope you have lots of success. Happy Gardening. :O)

7 Mar, 2013


I hope you enjoy GoY ...
and all the best for improving your L shaped plot :o)

7 Mar, 2013


welcome to GoY and do ask questions. for some of us it might be the only gardening we can get to do until a weekend.

7 Mar, 2013


hello Mouldy

cant wait to see the pictures...:-)

7 Mar, 2013


Hi Mouldy & welcome to our little community! :-)) Your blog made me laugh but as others have said fire away with the questions! Between us all perhaps we can find you some answers.

Hope you master the "art" of putting photos into your blogs, we all like to see photos of each others gardens & plants.

Looking forward to hearing of your progress with your L-shaped plot.

11 Mar, 2013


Just found you Mouldy and I have really enjoyed looking through your photos and the comments had me in stitches. Just going to read your other blogs....

29 May, 2013


How's the L shaped garden getting on, mate?

29 May, 2013

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