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My husband and I enjoy our unusually shaped garden. Our house fronts directly on to the road so all our garden is at the back. As you go out of our back door, you see a 2 metre high fence with a montana just opposite the door. To the left is a pink and white clematis and to the right a rosemary then. This year I have a betulia on a table just to the right of the back door. It has grown quite a lot this year. All these plants are in pots on a patio. Our garden is to the right. To the left of the path is a narrow edge of gravel set in concrete which runs up to the fence. On the fence my husband has put solar lights on each fence post and on 4 has hung hanging baskets with geraniums in this year – he varies the plants in these baskets each year according to the quality and price of plants. In front is a dorothy perkins rose climbing over a pergola with another dorothy perkins rose trained over a fence to the right. In front of the fence is a bed with spring bulbs, wild geranium and lillies. To the right of this is a flowering currant. To the right of this is the house next door with a honeysuckle which my husband planted growing up the wall. In front is this is a concrete step which we use for garden ornaments which I paint each year. In front of this is our lawn with a pond in the corner near the house. Behind this is a Camillia in a pot and then a eunomius which brings up to the wall at the end of the lawn.

Going through the rose arch you come a shed on the left and a flower bed on the right. This bed has wild geranium, a honeysuckle, a jasmin and bush which I can never remember the name of, 2 seedums, wild violets, spring bulbs and annuals which we buy according to quality and price. This year we have 2 betulia plants in pots which I have sunk in to the ground, and 2 plant holders on the boundary wall. In front of this bed on the path are varied pot plants. Next on the right is the green house with Tomato’s, lemon scented geranium’s and marigolds in.

On the left of the path is small patio with a table and bench on and varied pot plants. In the bed in front of this patio is a flowering currant, a plant which I can never remember the name of, a bracken, a goosberry bush, kidney beans and apple tree, a patch of golden rod, peas, a hydranger, a blackcurrant bush, garlic, a plant like daisy which I can never remember the name of a climber which I can never remember the name of and another wild geranium. Opposite this is another shed with a potted rose and various pot plants in front of it. Next is another lawn with Lilac, a pink feathery plant various pot plants, a seat and table, a white currant, margeriuts, more pink feathery plant to the right, a path and raspberries, another small patio with 2 clematis, 3 sorts of mint, peas and violets in pots. Opposite this patio is a bed with a pear tree, rhubarb, more pink feathery plant, a clematis, a heebe, monbretia and a peris another shed and another small patio with table and chairs. Between here and the fence are some wild garlic. Behind the raspberries is a granite wall with a rubus, a honeysuckle and gravel between. On the top of the wall are various rockery plants.

Behind the apple tree bed is another granite wall with a cypress tree which my husband keeps short, another wild geranium, kidney beans, a blackberry, a cherry, a path, and area of granite, varied pot plants, peas, wild sweetpeas, chives, strawberries, japanese knot weed, varied plants which I cannot remember the name of.

As you can see, we have a lot of plants in a medium sized garden. This provides some food for immediate eating and some to preserve, flowers for arranging for the house.

My main responsibility is with the house plants. I have a christmas cactus in the hall, a peace lilly in the dining room, 2 miniature roses in the kitchen window and 2 chilli plants and a money plant in a spare room upstairs and a christmas cactus in the sitting room.

As you can see we have a good selection of plants, both annuals and perannuals.

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Welcome to GOY Mitziecat! Your garden sounds wonderful and I do hope you are going to share some pictures with us.
I note you mentioned Japanese Knot Weed - doesn't it concern you?

7 Aug, 2013


Sounds lovely, hopefully we will all get to see some photo's soon.

7 Aug, 2013


sounds wonderful! I too am looking forward to seeing photos!

I would worry if I had Japanese knotweed though, isn't that very invasive?! I would try to get rid of it if you can though I believe it's very difficult to eradicate.

7 Aug, 2013


Your garden sounds full of lovely plants. It must be a pleasure to see it, and work in it.
I would also not want Japanese Knot Weed in my garden. I'd get rid of it ASAP. It will take over and smother everything else for you.

7 Aug, 2013


Welcome from me to your garden sounds wonderful - apart from the dreaded JKW.

7 Aug, 2013


I agree you have some lovely plants there. where in the world are you? Jap knot weed may not be a problem for you but in the UK it is dreaded and if in a garden can be a deal breaker when buying a house. I know I wouldn't look at a property with it in.

welcome to GoY from me too.

8 Aug, 2013


I can almost see it in my mind's eye. Hope you'll post some photos soon. :-)

8 Aug, 2013

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