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I think I am in wrong gardening site


By mindy


I think I joined here not knowing most people on here are from England/Europe.

Sorry for the invasion.


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Yes, there are quite a few members from around the world - why don't you stay around and see if you enjoy our company.
Welcome :)

1 Sep, 2013


Hello Mindy ... it's nice to hear from you :o)
Yes most members seem to be from England, but I am from Wales.
And there are members from New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, Brazil, Canada, Phillipines .... as well as other European countries ... and of course America.

We all share our knowledge/experience, and it is interesting to learn about different areas of the world.
So there's no need for you to feel you're intruding :o)

1 Sep, 2013


And I'm from Essex....ha ha...I think we're a nation all of our own Ha ha! but we don't all have fake tans!!!

1 Sep, 2013


No need to apologize, we welcome all newcomers and its always interesting to read of others gardening experiences no matter of size or what part of the world one is in, we all share and learn from each other, stay you might enjoy it as much as we do Mindy

1 Sep, 2013


Stay with us Mindy - we love to see gardens from other countries and hear about their problems and we hope you enjoy looking at ours. We do have some members from the USA.

1 Sep, 2013


i know nothing about gardening so if anyone is intruding its me... ive spoken to a few from other country by message on here... the time factor might mean we are all not online at same time.. but then messages and blogs can be replied with this one and iam pleased to see the older members (meaning those being on here longer) have reasured you ....:) what a welcome!! as for me well iam struggling a bit cuz i know nothing about gardening but have been made welcome even so :)

from jane..

1 Sep, 2013


Do stay Mindy, you are not intruding at all.....I,m sure you will be as fasinated as the rest of us to read of others gardening highs and lows....
One thing I find really interesting is when I read about our New Zealand an Oz friends looking towards the summer and showing their spring bulbs as we head into Autumn amd Winter. Its fun xxx

2 Sep, 2013


Hope you stay Mindy, I'd love to hear about your garden!

4 Sep, 2013

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