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keeping rabbits off allotment


By mickmar


I asked a question on the above title a few weeks ago, asking if any one knew were I could purchase fox urine in the UK. No answers, only fencing advice etc. I should have mentioned it is sold in spray and powder form in the US, but cant find any retailers in the UK. On the google site recommending this it also said human hair was a good repellent. I obtained a bag from my local barber, put it round the edges of the allotment, and have had no rabbits on for 2 weeks now. So it seems to be working. Just a blog for any one with the same problem to try it. Regards Mickmar

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Thanks for the post. I will have to try using hair... I also heard that hair is good for compost too. Not sure about that one. Haven't tried it out. Guess I'll start saving the globs of hair I pull out of my hair brush each week!

29 Mar, 2011


Worth trying isn't it - unfortunately my hair is falling out at such a rate that I haven't any to spare (Ha, Ha)

30 Mar, 2011


my dad once got lion poo from a zoo,worked brill,dont know if you can still get it tho

30 Mar, 2011

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