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i bought some heather plants today 6 march, and was wondering if its ok to plant them outside now or should i wait for a bit?

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They're hardy plants, so there's no reason to wait - get them in, Michelle! :-)))

One note of caution - did you check them to see if your soil is suitable? Many heathers like acid soil, so if your soil isn't acid, pot them up in ericaceus compost.

6 Mar, 2011


oh god!! how do i know if soil is suitable??? its at the side of my lawn i've dug out a kinda flowerbed thingy, there are daffodils and snowdrops growing at one end of it at the moment????!!! :)

6 Mar, 2011


Have you got any rhododendrons, azaleas or pieris in your garden - or have your neighbours? They'll only thrive in acid soil.

Otherwise, all Garden Centres and most DIY stores nsell a soil testing kit very cheaply, and it's easy to use, too. That'll tell you whether you have acid, neutral or alkiline soil.

Look at the plant labels that should be with your heathers, and see if they say the heathers need acid soil - or put the names on here and we'll tell you.

6 Mar, 2011


k thanks for that! doesnt say names on them, its a six pack from b&q, just says on label "acidic, moist, well drained soil", heather collection - year round foliage!

6 Mar, 2011


So your next step is to test your soil, Michelle. Then if it's not acidic, you can buy some ericaceous compost and pop your heathers in a pot. :-))

6 Mar, 2011

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