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Time to start thinking about winter


I’ve started to do some preserving for winter use. There are so many runner bean on the plot that it would be silly not to save some for fresh eating later on.

1- Cut runners into slices
2- Bring water to the boil
3- Put in runners for 3 minutes
4- Drain runner and pour very cold water or ice to quickly cool the beans
5- Leave in colander for 30 minutes to drain excess moisture
6- Bag em

My mother-in-law had a fantastic idea. I had way more cucumber than I could sell/give away/eat so she suggested I make cornichons a la Francaise. Note to self…next time use clear vinegar!

I invented my own recipe (and I have noooooooooo idea what it will taste like)

1 tsp garam masala
3 tbsp sugar
1/4 tsp very hot chili powder
2 bay leaves
malt vinegar (I wouldnt use it though, try wine vinegar or white vinegar)

Sadly, I’ve not been using these gorgeous tomatoes. I’ve been pretty ill, run down and on my own most of the time with the school plot and a small child. So, I’ve decided to freeze whatever comes my way for use in sauces this winter. Waste not, want not! I just chopped these and bagged them. They are seperated by type.

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Mebennet, my compliments for the beautiful pictures and recipes, the way you did your presevers and labled them and for being such a good homely mother! I am sure everything will be fabulous. Sorry to hear you have been quite ill and hope you feel better soon.
I remember my "good housewife" days, long ago, lol. I had so many tomatoes I just quartered them, then put them in a large saucepan and cooked them till soft. ( This was before the microwave age ). Then I pushed them through the moulin legumes ( from moulinex ), just turn the handle, and into large jars, lid on them and ready. I put them in the fridge as I needed them, and just drank it as tomato juice, was really nice. No salt or anything, just pure juice as the skins and seeds stayed behind in the sif.
Right now I am getting so many lemons, I had frozen the juice in little cups, but when will I use it? The lemon tree has fruit nearly all year, haha.

14 Aug, 2009


I hope you feel better soon, Mebennet. Your preserves will be great in the cold months! I hope you enjoy them.

14 Aug, 2009


Sorry to hear you've been under the weather's not easy juggling everything when you don't feel great. Hope the home-pickling got your spirits up! ;0)

14 Aug, 2009


I didn't know you could freeze tomatoes like that! worth knowing thanks mebennet

14 Aug, 2009


Sew: It was my mother-in-law who suggested it. She says she adds to the bags when she has more ripe ones. Worth a try!

14 Aug, 2009

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