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Bad bird week


What a week it has been for the poor bird’s, first on Monday two fledgling’s got blown out of their nest, by the time I found them they where beyond help.The dove spent a couple of day’s wandering about looking forlorn.Then yesterday there was such a kerfuffle in the back garden I thought the cat’s had a bird but no it was the Magpie he had taken an adult sparrow.So this morning while Iwas having my first cuppa they was such a clatter outside it was Ollie with a sparrow! he is that fat he probably squashed it to death,to make matters worse Whiskas is sitting amongst allthe thing’s that had been knocked off the table looking as if butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth. I suspect it was a joint effort! they are now on short ration,s Ollie is curled up on the bin and Whiska’s is out the front both keeping out of my way.Iknow it is just nature but that was just a bit too close. :-((

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sorry about your bird day mavis its very sad and i never find it easy when casper brings something home, nothing as yet this year apart from a mouse which i managed to get him to drop and the frightened little thing ran off in one piece thankfully, magpies are a pest and will attack anything, life can be cruel :o(

21 May, 2011


That's not good news, Mavis. Poor little fledglings being blown out of the nest. : o (( Megan climbed up into a large Conifer yesterday, lots of Pigeon feathers came down but I think she was too slow to catch it. Much as I love her, she's a devil for watching the birds and catching mice.

21 May, 2011


If the fledglings had been okay I could have done with Lulu and her ladder! I love them both but they can be evil at times the two of them have been very quiet today they know they are in my bad book's.

21 May, 2011


Lol! : o )))

21 May, 2011


Sorry about your bad bird day, Mavis, it is distressing to see smaller creatures attacked by the larger ones. It is nature but still makes me uneasy! Hope you've forgiven Ollie and Whiskas now :)

22 May, 2011


Nature is cruel. I get annoyed when Blodyn catches a shrew but that's how cats are. They don't understand when we tell them off. Best to accept it things way they are I think

22 May, 2011


I have Gee19 just about till the next that is, I know what you are saying Hywel is right but it is still not nice.Sanbaz I had not realised that Magpie's would take an adult bird still you live and learn.Let's hope the bird's have a better week this week.

22 May, 2011


One almighty fight going on out here in the field behind us where the Crows and Pigeons amongst other smaller birds nest....A Crow chasing off a Magpie attempting to snatch its young...The crow won..thank goodness...what evil birds these Magpies are...

18 Jun, 2011

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