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Afternoon everyone . the time has come to buy a shot gun , i now have moles in my garden and as jasper carrot once said only one way to get rid of a mole blow his bloody head off !!!!! i use to have mice in the kitchen and tried this method with the shot gun only to find the mice won and i wrecked my kitchen and the wife was not happy. ive been told you can get a bulb called SORK which ive never heard of or ever seen in a gardening book so if anyone has heard of this bulb or know what it looks like please post a picture .

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Sorry to hear you have moles Mark. Think it's best you lay of the shot gun method of erradication - don't you :))))

You might like to read this.......

18 Oct, 2012


I have heard Moles dont like the smell of Mothballs. Get a packet and drop some down their tunnels, so they go next door.

19 Oct, 2012


Oh thats naughty Diane but funny..
I can remember that Jaspar episode Mark, sorry never heard of that bulb..

20 Oct, 2012


If you dont try you never know. Mothballs are cheap enough.

21 Oct, 2012


We had a mole one year. I read somewhere that if you addressed the earth-spoil , hoping the mole was around that area, and asked it politely to go next door, the mole would oblige.

I tried this adding the fact that my neighbout was a big-wig with the RSPCA and, therefore, would never harm it.

Our mole disappeared but our neighbour spent months trying to get rid of his newly-acquired one, even going so far as to take his car on to the lawn and trying to asphyxiate it withthe exhaust pipe.

(I felt very guilty!) :O)

21 Oct, 2012


Oh Eirlys, I'm full of cold and reading your reply to this Blog, made me laugh so much it brought of a coughing fit.
OH came dashing in from the kitchen to see if I was alright!
I just had this vision of you bending over 'talking to the ground' thanks for cheering me up!

21 Oct, 2012


Eirlys that is priceless, lol, its so funny although I`m not sure the RSPCA would appreciate your neighbours antics....

21 Oct, 2012

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