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new beer can hanging basket :))


By mark61


hi all my old can hanging basket fell to bits so i made a new one. heres how i did it :))) BBFB
here goes

putting silicone down one side so you can attach it to the other can

keep going round in a circle

choose a plastic pot for the hanging basket

put silicone on the base of the can

then put silicone on top of can so when they are pushed together it holds them firmly

After you have let this set over night your pot is ready to sit inside

now take your pot out and drill three holes in the sides of your pot

Then attach 3 key clips to your hanging chains.

Then turn your pot upside down

Then get a piece of wood or hollow pipe which i have used.Using a piece of string tie it to the bottom of the pot and silicone it to the base of the cans.This will then give extra support to the cans with the weight of the pot and plant

Finished product just waiting for its new plant

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Interesting design Mark ..
.... and VERY good of you to nobly drink all that beer ..
.. just so that you had enough cans to complete the basket ;o)

29 Apr, 2013


Now fancy! I thought you were going to fill the pot with ice and store the cans of lager in them so they were handy on a hot (?) day. :0)

29 Apr, 2013


thankyou TT and all :))

the 1st picture of the cans i had 2 of them full lol just in case someone may want one making :))

29 Apr, 2013


hi Pamg thank you

mmmm thats it this weekend i making a can ice bucket what a great idea thank you very much never thought of that :)))))

29 Apr, 2013


Lol. Mark...
Pam giving you ideas to drink more beer.. ;o)))

29 Apr, 2013


Lol... That's just great... What will you think of next? :0)

29 Apr, 2013


lol TT oh no i do not encouragement to drink more beer i drink 60 cans aweek as it is lol i could build a house in year lol :))

29 Apr, 2013


Lol... maybe garden shed made from cans....

We could think up projects for a whole year ..
... 52 x 60 cans ;o)

29 Apr, 2013


I would think the company might employ you to promote their beer. Free beer for life?

29 Apr, 2013


Now that's very unique Mark, well done it looks good.

29 Apr, 2013


Franny thank you lol now that is the Question ???

Lizziebee you can be my agent lol get on the phone lol

thank you Surreylad now im just waiting for my Agent to get back to me lol

29 Apr, 2013


Any time Mark!

29 Apr, 2013


does this mean you get no problems with slugs mark ~ those beer traps must be good for getting rid of the slugs as well as holding flowers!!

29 Apr, 2013


Lol, Mark! You are very creative ;-)
What sort of plants will be planted in the pot? I suggest hop!
I knew one artist, who made a vine cellar arch from empty vine bottles, they were glued to each other like you did. It looked very interesting and nice from inside, but still - I didnĀ“t feel safe under that. Lol.
I was afraid that something similar will happen to me like to Fantozzi

30 Apr, 2013


You've got some wonderful ideas :o)

30 Apr, 2013


Interesting idea! I can see a lot of husbands enjoying making that!

30 Apr, 2013


You should send a picture of that to Carlsberg think they will be very impressed with your design. You never know you might get a free can or two. lol :O) Wonderful design.

30 Apr, 2013


excellent :D

30 Apr, 2013


How innovative you are!! Agree with Olive, should definitely send idea to Carlsberg. Sewingkilla, I can see a lot of husbands enjoying the preparatory stages for this project.

1 May, 2013

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