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Nightmare week????


By mark61


Hi all,well what can i say,was in A & E thursday morning due to shoulder strain which means now i cannot do anymore projects etc at the moment.Then to top everything of today we have had no electric for 17 hours and there is plenty of big holes in front of my front garden,in my front garden and in my back garden :((((

Our neighbours brought this for julie today to cheer her up after all the drama this week:))))

Look what happens with one call wish i knew my rights

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OMG ... Mark, J and J ...
Do you still have lots of holes all over your garden ?

I hope all your troubles get sorted soon... xxx

1 Mar, 2013


Hi yes they are all there still they say they cant fill them till next week now.We have complained as they have blocked one of our fire exits.Saying this i will say the workmen worked extremely hard all day to try and resolve the electric problem.

Just got to remember not to go and walk out the back door in the morning lol.At least we have power again.Just hope next week is a better week :))))))

1 Mar, 2013


Yes... make sure none of you trip and fall ...
Sounds like the workmen tried hard to get everything back to normal ..

1 Mar, 2013


Glad to hear it's sorted now Mark - just got to get those holes filled up now! All the best for next week!

1 Mar, 2013


Oh dear .... hope next week will see an improvement for your shoulder and garden .

1 Mar, 2013


Blimey mark hope your shoulder gets better soon mate, hope next week is better

1 Mar, 2013


sorry to hear of this MArk :( hoping for a much better week next week and this weekend! :))

1 Mar, 2013


Oh blimey...hope they get that sorted soon.And after u did all the work I. Your garden earlier in the week.What a nightmare!!!!!

1 Mar, 2013


Hi all i do hope next week is better ,yes all the hard work was undone.Did appreciate the potted plant from our neighbours though it did bring a smile to our faces .:))))

1 Mar, 2013


What a mess. I hope it's sorted out ASAP ... Must have been very awkward with no electricity :o(

1 Mar, 2013


Hi Mark
Sorry to hear about your shoulder and not being to do anymore projects at the moment I am in the same boat I have been on the sick for the last 2 weeks and for the next 4 weeks I have done the ligaments in my right knee and its very painful so we are behind on everything. Hope next week is better.

1 Mar, 2013


Oh poor you two.......hope you Ok. Lovely plant, love the hole in the ground photos, what a mess though, hope they clear up!!

1 Mar, 2013


thats not so good mark ~ bad shoulder, no electric and giant moles digging up everything ~ is that all to fix the electric?

hope you are better soon and everything gets fixed quickly

1 Mar, 2013


Oh dear what a state thats in and after all the work you had put in , I am sorry to hear about your shoulder as well, no wonder you refered to it as a nightmare, nothing you can do about outside until the workmen have finished so give yourself chance to heal and sort the rest when you are up to it, that was a nice gesture from the neighbours'.....

2 Mar, 2013


Poor you Mark what an awful time you have all had do you know what caused the power problem in the first place?

I think you should take Lincs good advice and rest up, you can't do anything until the job is done.

We had a water problem on the verge outside, it took three strong letters, the last letter finally got us a visit from the 'big chief ' and two minions......finally sorted! The previous idiots had buried the hydrant...and our stopcock under 6" of soil then grassed it over.......

Be sure you are happy with the reinstatement, contact the CEO if you have serious problems

2 Mar, 2013


Blimey Mark all the troubles come at once by the looks of things, try to take things easy and give that shoulder time to improve before you start any more of you diy projects.
Nice of your neighbour to try and cheer things up a bit.

2 Mar, 2013


aw Mark sorry to hear of all your trooubles and after all your power cleaning too :-(((

2 Mar, 2013


Oww do hope you get it sorted soon mark...

3 Mar, 2013


so sorry to hear, Mark! fingers crossed that things have improved all round xx

4 Mar, 2013


Hi all things are getting better just wish i knew my rights on friday night and we would not have been left in this state.One phone call today and the company could not believe the workmen had left us in such a awful state .They have now filled in the holes and placed appropriate walkways which should have been done in the first place.

Power cleaning will now have to be done again lol.

On a brighter note my job is a physical one and as i have done my shoulder in my work have allowed me to come back and work in the offices doing paperwork until my shoulder is better.Mmmm this may have to last a while and have a break lol.:)))))

4 Mar, 2013


Further pictures have been added:)))))

4 Mar, 2013


You could have caused them a lot of bother Mark which the company would want to avoid, left like that is considered a hazard to pedesrians surely, brings all sorts of health and safety issues to mind.
Pleased to hear that you can be on lighter duties as regards your work whilst your shoulder heals....

4 Mar, 2013


Hi Lincslass yes i could have caused them a lot of trouble but i suppose it would have only got the workmen into trouble which i didnt really want to do.But its is now all sorted and finished with gardens have resumed there normal ways.

My shoulder is doing well but light duties at work is driving me crazy lol :))))

9 Mar, 2013

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