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Garden coming into the spring bloom


By mark61


such a nice day so i thought i would take some random pictures of me garden.Cant wait till they all start blooming.:)))))

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Brilliant Mark - love the first pic in the little planters, and raised brick wall !!

Pretty pansy or viola - ours didn't do well here - and eaten

love the strawberry planters - look very stylish , ferns and grasses my favs!!!! Aucuba spotted laurel have a few of these - really hardy and tolerate almost anything and look pretty too , and that holly is amazing!!!

Is the red one a rose? like the leaves :))) great heather/heathers ,

like the little people :D

Great pics mate :)))

16 Mar, 2012


Hi Paul how you doing?

Thankyou for all the names as which you know me by now i had forgotten them all lol.

Spot on mate the red leaves are from a giant red rose plant.

Yep the little people are me and me jewels lol

The grasses you see i have many siblings which i am going to pull out in the next week or two as i have no new home for them .If you would like any of them please pm me.

Thankyou again mark and julie:))))

16 Mar, 2012


Thanks Mark - unfortunately out of room lol - thanks for the offer - shame they can't go somewhere for you :)) Our week has been gloomy and dull really fed up with this stuborn grey cloud

16 Mar, 2012


Lovely photo`s Mark, I like the planting in the wall and your other planters, the bulbs will soon be out and you`ll be taking more pics.
It s good to see all things coming back again....

16 Mar, 2012


all looking great mark... its so nice to see everthing growing again....

16 Mar, 2012


Lots happening there, Mark, so nice to see all the growth, isn't it? Your strawberry pots are great, mine succombed to the frost last year!

16 Mar, 2012


Nice to see your photos of the garden waking up Mark. This is only the start :o)

16 Mar, 2012


It all looks good Mark, tell Jill to hold on to that pail of water ready for the

16 Mar, 2012


Love your raised beds in the 1st pic. and the strawberry pots, nice pics Mark, all is growing nicely.

16 Mar, 2012


Lovely pictures Mark. All looking Fab. I hope you don't mind me asking but I see you are looking for a home for some grass babies :). I'm looking for a couple of tallish ones. I have carex already and if they are not carex I could take one or two of your hands :)

16 Mar, 2012


I like your raised beds on first pic too, have some nice designs and lots of colour ..looking good :o)

17 Mar, 2012


Hi Paul thats ok m8 im sure i will find a good home for them.It as been glorious here loving it:))))

Hi Lincslass thankyou.I cant wait till i can take my next batch of photos when they are fully blooming:)))))

Hi Hollyeves.Thankyou it is nice to see things growing again:))))

Hi Gee19 thankyou.I disregarded a lot of my plants and yes the frost did get to the strawberry plants aswell but they will produce this year which is lucky.:))))

Hi Hywel thankyou,only the start wait till you see my next project lol.:))))

Hi Stroller lol Jill as now obsconded and joined the train planter lol.Im sure you will see a picture before summer:)))))

Hi Grandmage thankyou.Yes everything is starting to get there which i am happy about :)))))

Hi Scottish thankyou i have asked a question on here as im not sure which grass mine are.If they are not carex i will gladly send you some.:))))

Hi Bloomer thankyou.You know me i like lots of different things and colours.Julie as helped with her input too.:))))

18 Mar, 2012


Hi Mark - the grass is carex - looks like testacea Carex - have loads and they're lovely - well worth keeping mate :)))))

18 Mar, 2012

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