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How to move a brick planter me julie did me proud


By mark61


Hi all i have been so bored as you all can imagine,so i suggested to julie to move the brick planter so we can put one of the small sheds there.She said `right i will do it`,it was so hard having a beer and taking the pictures lol.I take my hat off to me wife i love her so much she as done me proud today.:)))BBFB

Brick planter before being moved

Area to which the brick planter is going

Skateboard ready for the big move

Me julie pulling it off the main wall in one piece onto the skateboard for moving.

Brick planter in its new place just need to stand up and adjust.

Me julie clearing all the soil cant believe it stayed in place

New home for the shed now its all cleared.

Brick planter all done and ready.Any ideas for a ideal climber to plant here would be great also any donations would be brill lol.

Last finishes touches done today all ready for my honeysuckle which is kindly being donated from Scottish.Which i would like to thank Scottish very much.:))

Our new honeysuckle which was kindly donated by Scottish.Thankyou so much.:)))

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Brill blog, well done there Julie great job, I like the new shed and that planter will look fab. in the summer. How about a climbing rose, clematis, honeysuckle, passion flower or jasmin? Plus some nice summer bedding to go around the bottom, also could fill it with daffs/crocus & tulips.

19 Feb, 2012


Well done Julie ! :o)))
Is that planter in the shade or in the sun ?

19 Feb, 2012


That's awesome!!! very well done Julie!! great blog Mark :)))

19 Feb, 2012


Hats off to Julie , she is one in a million I'm not surprised you are so proud of her Mark , I think a nice rose plus a clematis , the Clem would climb up through the rose also some underplanting as Grandmage says or Heucheras for all year round colour ... I have one of those hot water bottle things beside your chimney pot .. I like the positioning of the planter and the shed is going to be very useful :o)

19 Feb, 2012


well done Julie that looked like really hard work, Mark I hope you did not do your arm in picking up those beer cans to get them to your mouth, Lol you have a brilliant wife there, take care of her, it all looks great, well done again

19 Feb, 2012


Julie deserves a medal after that! Well done - it's all looking good. How about sweet peas or morning glory on that trellis - seeds are cheaper than plants :)

19 Feb, 2012


Oh my goodness! she is amazing! Well done! Definitely an awesome wife to tackle such a job! :)))) I really like it all, and how everything look as if they've always been there. :)))

19 Feb, 2012


Hi all its julie writing now and not mark hes so tired from all the hard work lifting those cans lol.

Hi Grandmage thankyou so much for your kind comment and ideas.I really like roses and tulips so may be bending marks ear for that idea seeming i did all the hard work i think i should get the choice on flowers lol xx

Hi TT thankyou ,the planter is now in the sun all day as where it use to be it only got sun for a hour or two if it was lucky.xx

Hi Paul thankyou i think i will ache tomorrow lolxx

Hi Amy thankyou so much for your kind comment and ideas.I prefer the planter there now aswell ,it looks so much better.Mark likes the hot water bottles too ,he did have a few but they got broken which is a shame.The shed is already full lol xx

Hi Val thankyou yes he apparently very tired now lifting all those cans cheeky devil he is,but i dont mind.It was very hard work and i am sure i will hurt tomorrow lol xx

Hi Gee19 thankyou so much for your kind comment,will certainately have a look at your suggestionsxx

Hi Michaella thankyou so much for your kind comment,yes everything seems as if its in there right places now.It will look better once some nice plants are in and adding some colour.xx

19 Feb, 2012


Hi Mark ..
So make sure whatever you plant can tolerate lots of sunshine... I hope Julie isn't too exhausted :o)

19 Feb, 2012


Well done julie, good job.
Did you have to cook dinner after you had finished??

19 Feb, 2012


Hi Willinilli thankyou yes i have also had to cook a roast chicken dinner i deserve some really good TLC from mark now for all this today lol

19 Feb, 2012


wow julie! good job!!!

you definitely earned a rest now!!!

nice photos ~ thanks mark!!

19 Feb, 2012


Mark no wonder your proud of Julie, managing that all on her own. Lucky the soil was so well behaved and stayed in place.

Hehe Julie, yes you should definately get first choice in plants after all your hard work. Liking the idea of clematis/rose (or how about jasmine), along with summer bedding, huecheras, bulbs, oh the list goes on :))

19 Feb, 2012


I love doing jobs like this, as long as OH keeps it shut while im doing it!

19 Feb, 2012


Oh well done Julie, I do like a girl after me own heart and good bit of ingenuity using the skateboard, those kids toys can be very useful at times.
I hope after all that you got a drink as well, you certainly deserved one and yes the choice of planting should be yours, at least for this year, lol. Sorry Mark, you can choose next year, have to say you did well with the photographs.
I look forward to seeing it planted up...

19 Feb, 2012


Well done to Julie. She must be very strong. I hope she didn't strain any muscles. That thing looked heavy. It's great to have some help though. I hope you're feeling better too, Mark.

19 Feb, 2012


Well done Julie - a woman after my own heart!!
It all looks great now!
If you are looking for donations I have a very young honeysuckle cutting going for free. I tried to give it away a few months back but no takers.
You can see it in my pictures if you want to have a look.
PM me your address if you want :)

19 Feb, 2012


Well done, Julie! I think we shot ourselves in the foot insisting on "Wimmin's Lib" all those years ago! You can certainly give yourself a pat on the back (if your aching muscles will allow you to reach) I hope Mark at least ran you a nice hot bath and put loads of scented bubbles in. He's a lucky, lucky man to have you. I try to do as much of the heavy stuff as I can (not very much!), but the moment I get offered "good advice", I down tools and let my expert muscleman take over.

20 Feb, 2012


Hi Sticki thankyou i certainately slept well last night.Thanks julie xx

Hi Samjp thankyou for your kind comment.Mark as agreed that i can pick the choice for this year but he wants the ideas next year lol.Thanks julie xx

Hi Willinilli i fully agree mark knows now to keep quiet when im doing his jobs for him as he knows he will be in trouble if he doesnt lol.Thanks julie xx

Hi Lincslass,most toys are a pain in the bum but this skateboard as well earned its keep,so glad our son doesnt want it anymore lol.Mark as agreed that i can choose this year only then he wants it back next did have a can or two when i finished but that well and truely knocked me out for the night.Thanks julie xx

Hi Hywel thankyou,mark is getting much better all the time.I do have some aches and pains today though,dont think i will nominate to help so quickly in the future lol .Thanks julie xx

Hi Scottish thankyou for your kind comment.It all looks so much better now something just wasnt right before.That would be absolutely brilliant if its ok by you for the honeysuckle.That is a very kind gesture and we really appreciate it.I will send you a PM soon with our details.Thankyou again julie xx

Hi Gattina,Thankyou for your kind comment.I would pat myself on the back if i didnt ache so much lol.Dont think i will be so willing to help again any time soon.Yes he did run me a nice hot bath which was lovely.I so fully agree with you as soon as mark used to start saying anything i would stop and let him do it but he as learned to keep quiet now as he knows he will be in trouble if he doesnt lol.Thanks julie xx

20 Feb, 2012


I've got your PM Julie...I'm chuffed it is going to a good home. It's presently just sitting in a post feeling rather unloved :(. I will get it in the post during the week xx

20 Feb, 2012


Well done Julie, it must have been that expert supervision ! ;0)))
Glad you're feeling better Mark.

20 Feb, 2012


Hi Scottish.Glad we have made you happy.Thankyou so much again:))))

Hi Valadel thankyou,lol.Mark is feeling a lot better now thankyou :)))

25 Feb, 2012

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