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Gardening with the Grandkids
We all know how wonderful it is to plant a seed, patiently wait for it to germinate, gently prick it out, and eventually marvel at the wonder of nature that is a fully grown flower…..all from that tiny seed. One of the most rewarding pastimes is sharing our hobby with children. Children have not yet developed the time lapse issues needed to garden in the true sense of the word, a month is a lifetime, when you are ten years old, but it is a hobby that should be encouraged. It teaches respect for nature, pleasure in simple things, it is good exercise and yes it also teaches that valuable and much needed skill, patience. I started my children as most Mums do, with mustard and cress on an old flannel and broad beans in jars with blotting paper…and we loved it…These days parents are so busy, life is hectic and time is short…but we oldsters the Grannies and Grandads should certainly ditch the trips to the theme parks sometimes and just get down and dirty with our little ones … anyone who has ever made a mud pie will understand the wonderful pleasure in a handful of damp rich earth….you never grow out of that!

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I definitely never grew out of it as I love playing around in the dirt, no tiny ones to enjoy digging the holes with now as my grandkids are teenagers so gardening is off their agenda's (unless my grandson wants to earn some money) still spend time playing with two of my kids in their own gardens when I visit though, lol.

12 Mar, 2015


Very true. I had my own little patch when I was about three. Oh yes mustard and cress, nice big nasturtium seeds and little virginia stocks - memories are made of this!

Snoop I read somewhere that some allergies that are more common now than formerly are because everything is so sanitised that little ones don't build up any resistance.

13 Mar, 2015


I totally agree with you all, the trouble these days is kids unlike in our day, are not encouraged to 'muck about' in nature. I believe that as said this does not encourage their immune systems to develop properly. I was a real little 'bug hunter' as a child...but way back then we were chased out of the house during the day and the only restriction placed on us by my Mother was 'make sure you are home before it get's dark'.... I love to see my grandkids getting down and dirty in the garden...I put them in old clothes give them some blunt tools and point them towards a patch at the back of the garden...they love it...also it teaches them not to scream in terror when a crawlie appears..quite the reverse! My little three year old grandaughter will happily let a spider run all over her and squeal with delight...

13 Mar, 2015

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