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Maggies New Year Gardening Resolutions


I will not buy any more plants unless I know exactly where they are going in the garden. I will resist the urge to buy that Gazania, because it looks like it needs a good home and it is in the sale. It is not a homeless puppy it is just a plant!

I will immediately plant every plant I buy, and will not stock pile them on the Patio whilst I try and find the right spot, and I will not then give them to the postman, because it is September and the blossoms are dying!

I will stop buying gardening books until I have read the ones I have already. I do not need fifty three pages of full colour photographs and instructions on how to prune a Fuschia!

I resolve not to buy another trowel. I know they are only a few pounds but I have dozens already and I could have bought a new lawnmower instead!

I will have a regular ‘weed weekend’ and make a determined effort to ensure that on Monday every one of the blighters is gone..I will restrain myself from making smug remarks like, ‘ that will teach you to mess with me!’ to piles of dead dandelions after my Sunday evening glass of Cabernet Sauvignon!

I will stop blaming the neighbours dog for every mishap in my garden, and admit there is no way he could have knocked the flowers off the top of the eight foot clematis as he is a Bassett not an Irish Wolfhound!

When planting my spring bulbs this year I will make an accurate record of how many and where, to avoid the late spring extra planting, no’one needs an extra hundred bulbs!

Finally, I will try to find a mediator who will negotiate with the slugs and snails, in a last ditch attempt to call a halt to this 50 year feud! Failing that I will order five tonnes of sand, abandon gardening, and build a casino….!

These are my New Year resolutions, albeit a bit ‘tongue in cheek’! What are yours for 2015. I would be interested to know? Maggie x

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Yes we have all been there, made me lol!

5 Jan, 2015


the question is how soon will you break number 1? :o))

5 Jan, 2015


Oh yeah, and how long will that impressive lot last?
Its encouraging to hear I'm not the only one to put new plants on the patio for ages before deciding where to put them.
I wish you all the very best with your fantastic resolutions, theya re very impressive. I have come to terms with my own failure so i haven't made any!

5 Jan, 2015


I like the idea of a regular "weed weekend"! Think I might adopt that one for myself!

5 Jan, 2015


I know I'm late but missed this, I think its very funny and can honestly say I am guilty of quite a number of the above, lol, how are you doing so far???

12 Mar, 2015

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