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feel spring stirring me into action


Despite us having the coldest weather of the winter here i suddenly feel the itch to get going in the garden!
Today will be collected a cast iron chimnea which i purchased on a whim last weekend in a sale. Really fancied one last year and never got round to it as weather not that great. The idea being that if i have it in situ at start of spring i should at least get some enjoyment out of using it. Looking forward to spending busy day in garden and then sitting by fireglow watching sunset sipping a glass of something cold…..ohhhhh bring it on!!
When i have it aglow and garden looking presentable (at minute buried under oak leaves, twigs moss etc) i will share a photo…
When i collect it i will also pick up some seeds and start planning what i want where…is’nt gardening so good for the spirits!

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Sounds like a great plan to me. I can hardly wait for a nice summers evening sitting on the deck with a nice cold glass of wine enjoying the garden :) Any idea what seeds your going for??

You not the only one itching to get in the garden. I got my greenhouse up last weekend (oh my god such a fiddly job, not made easier by the frozen fingers lol). Went out last night after work to pot up the rest of my bare root perenials. Cor blimey it wasn't half cold. Recommend waiting for warmer weather before working out there lol (or at least going out in daylight) :))

4 Feb, 2012


Oh yes, gardening certainly lifts the spirit :o)
I hope you'll enjoy your chimnea ...

4 Feb, 2012


Hi MM I have a chimnea & I love going out when its cold & making a fire in it. I collect chestnuts in the autumn, store them in the shed & cook them on the grid at the top of the chimney. They pop & squeek & sometimes jump out. You get nice black fingers peeling them & they taste scrummy.
So dont wait, get out there & maybe toast some marshmellows.

4 Feb, 2012


Thats what i love about this site, you are all inspiring, getting out there in the cold and dark to start the growing cycle,magical!
Like the idea of lighting the chimnea earlier on than i imagined and toasting marshmallows and roasting chestnuts i'll definitely try that, thanks!
One of the seeds will be the ever useful morning glory for some rampant annual covering of trellis, cornflowers and meadowsweet on list, california poppy, sweetpeas wildflower mix ohhhh the list is endless...and lobelia going to try and raise my own instead of buying endless some pennies hopefully. Happy gardening all!

5 Feb, 2012


Ohh sounds lovely. I've already got my sweet peas going (well planted the seeds just waiting to see if they germinate). I'm thinking of having a go at some lobelia as well and possibly morning glory (for a pot by the shed), not decided yet. Its all good fun eh. Happy gardening.

7 Feb, 2012


Samjp i am the same every year always think i'm going to get going early with sweet peas and here i go again i have'nt! I do so love sweetpeas and have found the perfect spot now for them which i used last year and had a lovely show so must get myself organised! Thats the only thing i like about winter, coming to the end and knowing spring is just around the corner. Hope your sweetpeas germinate and give you a loads of flowers.

8 Feb, 2012


I may have forgotten my sweet peas last autumn as well lol. To be fair I didn't have my greenhouse at the time so had run out of growing space on my desk lol.

Sounds like you have a knack for sweet peas now. What do you grow them up? I have no idea where I'm going to put mine yet.

Thanks :) fingers crossed eh.

8 Feb, 2012


I have had lots of ups and downs with sweetpeas but now have them in 2 large deep pots with canes and netting to support them and they did great up against the wall in sunny spot. Was thrilled with them as i was picking non stop till late into season and nothing nicer than a jug of sweetpeas! Like you said with all plants fingers crossed and hope for the best its the same this year! Shame winter seems to have decided to show its face again just as we were all feeling springlike :(

10 Feb, 2012


Ooh sounds lovely. I'm thinking of popping some by the edge of the deck in a sunny(ish) spot and possibly some in a pot by the shed growing them up the side of the shed.

Keeping my fingers crossed obviously did the trick. I've come home today to find 3 little shoots pushing their way out of the pots :)))) such a lovely surprise, there was no sign of anything when I looked this morning.

Yeah it is a shame winters dropped in on us now. Just as were all dying to get back in the garden. Weather forecast suggests winter is going to stick around a while longer yet :( Roll on spring.

10 Feb, 2012

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