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Spring is in the air!


A little late, but our 1st of September Spring day, was washed out with a few days of rain and wind, so here is a tribute to the change of towards Spring with a few blooms from the garden!

First up, the Orange Lampranthus, giving my camera a hard time!

Then we have the little Delosperma virens starting to flower again.

Unfortunately I have no idea on below, thought Frylinia, when I got it a few years ago, but not so sure it was correct.

I love the blueish colour on the Aloe glauca, given that it is a seed grown Aloe

Glottiphyllum, possibly longum is growing nicely again and started flowering as well.

Sceletium tortuosum, another of the seed grown mesembs, flowering for the first time!!

Echeveria’s always look like flowers on their own!

Below is a Delosperma cooperi flower. Very common, still beautiful!

I cannot end this post without showing “him and her” – my 2 garden dragons (Agama lizards). Shame they are slowly showing themselves more and more, but because the spring weather has been all but warm, they still keep close to the wall for heat.


Ok, so any name suggestion for some plants or “him & her”?? Have a great day!

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Ben and Hur. ?. :0)

its always odd for me to read about spring as we are heading to autumn although I won't say this too loudly (the sun is out here shhh :)
the flowers you have are such bright colours and very attractive

4 Sep, 2012


How big are they? difficult to judge from the brickwork.
Are they just babies?

4 Sep, 2012


Gorgeous snaps.....the sun reflecting on those blooms is amazing and no wonder your camera was having trouble LT.
Those lizards are amazing creatures suggestion would be Larry and Liza :)

4 Sep, 2012


Thanks kind of you guys! Like the names so far. Bricks are 110 mm in width Lizzie, so about 225 (22 cm) tail included and 12-13cm without tail. But they are a pleasure to watch, one time one jumped off the wall into a bush after a insect, with a racket as it came down - lots of laughs.

Hope you guys get a little more Sshhh sun ... before the other part starts.

4 Sep, 2012


I love all your succulents. I know that blue flower. I always grow it in hanging baskets. Can't remember it now :o(
I hope you find a name for the happy couple lol :o) ... do you ever see any little ones at all ... ?

4 Sep, 2012


Thanks Hywel - Kalimeris incisa 'Blue Star' (Japanese aster) a possibility?

Yes! They moved in last year, but I believe I saw 1 little one about a week ago, time will tell if it will also stay around, these two only occupy the middle part of the garden, so I hope for more - lots of 'normal' lizards around as well, in all I believe the garden as it I establish it, is bringing more and more critters (insects) which should be good for the bringing the rest. I do hope so. I must show you "fredrich" and he will explain why I am happy about these too! Love them.

4 Sep, 2012


Lovely photos, I particularly liked the Sceletium tortuosum, never seen them before :o)

4 Sep, 2012


Thanks Geranium!

Felicia amelloides, is the name of the blue daisies flowers!

5 Sep, 2012


Beautiful succulent flowers and the "dragons" are irresistible. I wish we had lizards here.

6 Sep, 2012


Thanks - Yes, they add some life to the garden.

7 Sep, 2012


Lovely flowers and grand to see your dragons although I must admit I`d have a fit if I saw something similar movng in my own garden, lol.....

21 Nov, 2012


Oh they are so harmless, and if you see them hunting flies and doing their part with the insects, you would want 1 every few meters!

21 Nov, 2012

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