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My week away


I have been away for a week and thought you may like to share some of my holiday pics. We went to Pembroke, West Wales, and visited a few places of attractions. One of the places we visited was Manor House Park, which is now owned by Anna Ryder-Richardson, the Designer and TV personality.
This is a Muntjack busily feeding.

This is another Muntjack. You actually walk around in the various enclosures. This enclosure housed the Muntjacks and Wallabys.

These Wallabys sat for you to take their pics. They didn’t seem at all frightened.

This is Steve the Gibbon who absolutely refused to look at the cameras Lol

This is a section of LLamas, Ostritch and Anteater.

And the Zebras who had been rolling on the mud by the look of them. I thought they conjoined, as they stood together like this for ages, but they did eventually move.

Then we had these little dears. My most favourite. The Meerkats. I just love these little creatures to bits.

They keep looking to the left, looking to the right, looking straight ahead. They are so comical.

Here’s Daddy peacock taking time out.

Here’s Mum and Baby Peacock doing their thing.

This is in the Lemur enclosure, where you are allowed to walk through

This is a carved climbing apparatus made for the children. It’s quite a spectacle to see.

These are a couple of her flowerbeds.

Last but not least of the animals, are the tortoise, who gave us an amazing show of themselves in broad daylight. hehehe.

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ooohhhhhh, I am all flustered at this time of the morning watching the antics of those tortoises !!!!! Love the meerkats, 'simples' !!!! Lol

4 Sep, 2010


It looks a lovely place to visit,like the Zebra's.

4 Sep, 2010


Fantastic, O.H., Julie, just rushed in from kitchen, thought she was missing something funny on tv. Will remember this all day, keeps a smile on my face. :o))))))))).

4 Sep, 2010


Thankyou Grandmage, Mavis and Ll it was funny to watch them, especially when not expected. haha. It's a lovely park, and it's a really chill out place. It is suppose to be televised this week but unfortunately 2 days after our visit, a tree fell in the wallaby enclosure, and injured a little boy and his Mum. The park is now closed due to investigations, and I expext they'll be checking all the other trees.

4 Sep, 2010


What a lovely Blog with all the animals, I like the Lemurs [the first picture looks as though they have had a Tiff!] but I think the stars have to be the Tortoises lol;0)))

4 Sep, 2010


Lovely photos, all the animals look happy and well cared for and the Meerkats are beautiful. Rare to see a Peacock preening instead of strutting around too !

4 Sep, 2010


Thankyou Pansy and Shirley. They did all seem very happy. She's done wonders with the park. Apparently it took all her money to buy the place, and she is hands on, as we seen her in a workclothes. She's not afraid to get her hands dirty. Seems like she's going for the endangered species, as she has been looking for donations to help build a house for white Rhinos. It really was a relaxing day, and the children loved it. Theres a lovely play area for them, and just in front of the big wood carving, she had a good few space hoppers for the children to play on. She has even got a barn full of hay, where the children can have a ripping time rolling around in it. It's just sad that the accident occurred and someone got injured.

4 Sep, 2010


it was so unfortunate about the accident, do hope it gets sorted it seems a wonderful enviroment for all, love the idea of the hay barn just the sort of natural play environment that seems lost to todays children.;0)

5 Sep, 2010


The grandchildren had hay coming out of everywhere. lol.:o))

5 Sep, 2010

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