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Has anyone else been approached by Fifty Magazine to share your blogs on this site with their readers?
The member was hannah21 who contacted me. I think she has been closed down.

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I've looked, and the account has been deleted. Someone must have flagged it. I see quite a few unacceptable blogs/messages and flag them. I didn't see this though. Good job it's gone !

16 Mar, 2011


Yes ... someone did flag a "50" comment on a blog yesterday ;o)

16 Mar, 2011


no not seen or heard this linda, how strange, wonder what they were up to asking that. glad its been deleted. hope your well linda and your getting better weather now, you will be busy sorting your lovely garden out now wont you :o))

16 Mar, 2011


I saw a comment from that person on a pic or blog by Sewingkilla yesterday. I'm guessing the magazine would just plagiarise the blog and take the credit themselves! Very cheeky. : o )

16 Mar, 2011


I reported it for one. In fact I've noticed there has been a few in recent days that are blatantly commercial. It's so important to keep GoY as we want it so flagging or sending a message to Peter and Ajay is what they always appreciate.

Good to see the boys are on the job, as always :)

16 Mar, 2011


I moderate another "forum" type website, and have to remove quite a bit of spam. I'm impressed by how little appears on GoY. I've had one unwanted "dodgy" pm, flagged it, and it went quite quickly.

I haven't seen any ads for medications, gaming websites, porn or loans on here - that's good going!

16 Mar, 2011


I saw that one on Sewingkiller's pic or blog too.,but it had disappeared the next time I logged on..

16 Mar, 2011


Yes, I was approached by Private Message. I asked her what the fee would be! Surprise surprise, no reply!

17 Mar, 2011


I haven`t been approached but I`ll stay vigilant to keep these nuisances out of GOY.

17 Mar, 2011


This post is coming from the complete wrong direction. I am very close with who was the editor of Fifty Magazine and despite what you are saying, they were not spammers or bloggers. They posted legitimate articles and employed people to write for them, just like any other magazine. I suggest that you keep a more open mind in the future and not be so quick to judge.

28 Jun, 2011


Thanks to Imogen White for that comment.

I was the person asking if people would like their blogs featured on our website. If any of you had bothered to look at our site you would've seen that the blogs (of which we had four different authors) in our section were stated as being authored by the correct people, and those who agreed to letting us use their writing were very happy to have thousands of people read their work, and in so doing, generate more interest in the website the blogs were originally featured on because each blog ended with a link to the original one.

Because so many people didn't think to have a look at the site before flagging my messages my account was closed down, so for people like Karensusan6... , that is why you did not receive a reply. I find it hurtful that so many people immediately judged me and what I was asking. Our site was, after all, for people like members on this site and it is a shame that certain people killed my attempts at getting people involved.

19 Jul, 2011

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