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Greengage Tree


By lin28


We planted a Greengage tree 3 years ago but we had nothing but green leaves for the past 2years – now this year it is covered in blossom :) do you think we will get fruit this year – we hope so. Also should we be giving it any special food ? Any advice would be very welcome. lin28

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Well lin that's really interesting to me because I didn't plant a greengage tree but have one which appeared between my Victoria Plum and a damson tree. It had a lot of fruit last year, not that sweet but ok for cooking. As you have blossom this year I'm sure you will get some fruit. Hope so anyway.

20 Mar, 2012


Hopefully you will get some fruit if you now have blossom, I suppose it depends on the weather over the next week or so, and of there are any other plum trees nearby.. My greengage isn't out yet, but I love making jam ect from it..

20 Mar, 2012


It will depend on if we get late frosts, that goes for my pear trees as well, the last couple of years have been very good but the blossom seems early this year. My trees all get a balanced fertiliser in the spring, a bit of extra high potash feed may help as wel, my gage is about the same age as yours and what we really want is a good healthy tree, good root system as well as the parts you can see

21 Mar, 2012


Hope you get a good crop of greengages this year because as your my Hubby's sister he said we exspect to be given some or at the least a nice jar of greengage jam, as you know Jimmy knows nothing about gardening and thinks if you water the tree with a bottle of Whisky it might help because it does wonders for him LOL

21 Mar, 2012


Hi Lin sorry i know nothing about greengage trees, but welcome to GOY. I am a friend of Sheils.

21 Mar, 2012


Mine is only a couple of years old its an Oolongs golden gage.....supposed to be a dessert one

21 Mar, 2012


I'm more of a rum girl Bilbo, but he could water me with that any time. LOL

22 Mar, 2012


Hi thankyou for your welcome helpful advice and good humour - Sheil15 my lovely sister-in law said you are a very welcoming bunch and so you are :)

22 Mar, 2012


You're welcome Lin and thank you. Did she tell you we are a bit balmy as well lol:0))

22 Mar, 2012


Hi yes she did - and funny - what a beautiful sunny day great for a potterabout in the garden - Have a good one :)

23 Mar, 2012


Welcome to Goy, Lin, from anothr bus pass holder! Hope you find the site as interesting (and amusing) as I do :)

24 Mar, 2012


Hi my love if it has flowered it will prob fruit especially if the weather warms up a little. So excited simon is taking me to the malver spring show next week and we are off to the NEC birmingham for the gardeners world live show in june. Bless him he knows how to make me smile . I will see what great tips and goodies I can bring home for us :)

28 Apr, 2012

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