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My Haven Feb-May 2012


Right, so ive decided to get stuck into the garden and get it looking even better than it did when we moved in june 2010. Pregnancy was my excuse last year although i was still mowing at 8mnth! Since Feb ive been doing mainly prepping- weeding, re-digging and cutting boarders, pruning, washing pots and painting. Plant-wise i have so far; lilies in a pot which are just poking, sunflowers also about 3cm, sweetpeas which i propagated, then re-potted now transplanted to a container with stakes, im a bit worried now as i started hardening them off but then left them out accidently for a few nights and the weathers been terrible. Theyre not much different but will they just not grow properly now? In march i transplanted 3 morning glory from a propagator into a bed and 3 in a trough as i thought they looked big enough but the same day they drooped in the sun and now theyre definately dead. Also did the same with 3 sweetpeas and now compared to the ones that were inside in pots, they havent grown but theyre not dying, any hope for them? I found some loose bulbs in the shed so planted those but only got 2 mini daffodils, maybe they will come next year. Oh! The first bulbs i did were some of those all-in-1 pound shop packs that i put in the garage to be cold. When i went back to them later on they were doing good. I put them on our sunny bedroom sill and the pink hyacinth was growing so i repotted it but it just slowly died! Not sure where i went wrong there. The tulips were still just sprouts when i put them in the boarder and the crocus had flowers but they havent budged either. I did all this naively when we had a week of indian summer followed by the current ‘monsoon season’ were having so i suppose that explains those. In pots on the outside windowsill where i think they have warmth i have anemonies, gladioli and freesia bulbs which i thought when theyre big enough can be put into the boarders- how big do they need to be? I think theres 1 shoot out of 9 or 10 pots so fingers crossed!

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Hi Leigh & welcome to GOY. Nice to see someone so young so excited about their garden.
There are many people on here that will answer your questions but at nearly twice your age I am just a novice too. Good luck with it all & post us some pics :-)

1 May, 2012


Hi Leigh welcome to GOY :-)
Sure your sweet peas will be fine as soon as we have some warmer weather they'll get going again, I sow mine in autumn in an unheated greenhouse and they survive all winter, the morning glory are an annual though and won't stand any frost best to plant out at the end of May,tulip bulbs are best planted deeply in the ground early November for flowers the following spring,still early for the gladiola and freesia to be sprouting as they flower in summer, hope this is helpful, you'll find lots of friendly people on here who'll help with all your gardening questions :-))

1 May, 2012


Welcome to Goy Leigh, you sound very eager and with that and two very young children I bet you are a busy person, it was a bit early for some things to go out especially if you hadn`t hardened them off, the warm spell in Mar brought a lot of things forward and lulled us into thinking winter had gone, spoilt us I s`pose, but boy that didn`t last, lol, your sweetpeas should be ok, plenty of time to sow more Morning Glory if you still have some seed.
Hope the rest of your seedlings do well and that you enjoy your time in the garden and on Goy,there`s lots of folk willing to offer advice and chat about your garden..

1 May, 2012


Thanks everyone!-lovely welcome to GOY! You are my first 3 faves for being there! Got to start somewhere and have a nosey at your lovely-im sure-garden pics! :D

1 May, 2012


Aaaw look forward to seeing pictures of your garden Leigh:-))

2 May, 2012


im not putting any on until ive cut the grass lol havent had chance with the miserable weather, touch wood though its sunny today :o)

2 May, 2012

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