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a walk in the woods, part 2


By lauram


Here are more photos of my hike with Henry. I wish every day could be as beautiful as this one was. Henry had fun, but is completely worn out. I was so proud of him….2 little dachshunds behaved in an absolutely unfriendly way, snapping and snarling, and he just looked at them and walked on by.

A peaceful creek scene with fall colors

Some nice big boulders. This is a good spot to find rattlesnakes in the summer.

Hillside with ferns

A rocky stretch

Another rocky stretch

A whole lot of steps back to the top

Civil War era ruins

Trees on the blue trail

One exhausted pup!

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. . .and fabulous photos ! :))

9 Nov, 2010


thanks silverbell - I took 74 pics and had trouble deciding which ones to post!

9 Nov, 2010


More beautiful scenes. I love the rocky creeks :o))
I hope you and Henry both had a good rest afterwards

9 Nov, 2010


They are lovely to look at Lauram, Henry is looking very pleased with himself.........

9 Nov, 2010


You look like you had a wonderful walk. Henry certainly does look worn out. LOL
Thanks for posting you lovely photos. I've enjoyed walking along with you.

10 Nov, 2010


Great pics Lauram, I notice that unlike here the wooden structures aren't covered in green moss, must be dryer there.

10 Nov, 2010


Lovely blog Lauram :-))

10 Nov, 2010


Very nice blog.

10 Nov, 2010


Thanks. This is also a wonderful place to find spring wildflowers.....the paths and streams are lined with native azaleas and buckeyes & less-common plants such as trilliums and orchids are abundant.

10 Nov, 2010


Lauram, I shuddered when you put the photo of the rocks up and said it was a good place to find rattlesnakes in the summer! I think I'd walk well away from that area if I knew you not mind running into them?

The scenery is very pretty...interesting ruins from pre-Civil you know what kind of structure it would have been?

Thanks for giving us an idea of where you are living...and yes, Henry looks done in! lol

11 Nov, 2010


Oh, I love them, I used to work at Zoo Atlanta in the reptile house. We have them around the house too, as well as copperheads....I might be pushing my luck a bit but I've never been bitten and I don't even like to wear shoes.
The building was an old cotton mill, I think; the workers were all taken captive by Union forces at some point during the war. Pottery shards and other artifacts can still be found along the trails. It's interesting history but of course it's nothing compared to what you have in the UK. I love seeing everyone's photos of old ruins and castles and cathedrals; some of them I remember from my college art history courses.

11 Nov, 2010


Well Lauram...I very much like all the history that goes with the UK but I must set the record straight...I'm originally from British Columbia, Canada. So I am used to anything that is 100 yrs. old being of historical interest.

Castles, old cottages etc. are beautiful over here and the scenery outside of towns is lovely. I still have lots of the UK to explore though and I've lived here since 1983.

I enjoyed looking at some of your photos tonight...not too easy to work out how you can live with rattlesnakes in your attic and horrible spiders in your cupboards....I just couldn't handle that. lol

Thanks for the information about the ruins you saw on your walk too.

11 Nov, 2010


lovely pictures but i dont want to go there cos i dont like snakes

15 Nov, 2010

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