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its all about the drains n the rain


Hi all
An update on my last blog
With a lot of patience, true grit and digging, seem to have got rid of my backyard canal!
Took a long time i know but my garden has to be built with comfort not speed.
Being a carer for my disabled son dictates this and anyway i think i enjoy the fact that my garden may never be “finished”.
Probably most real gardeners think this way, as what would be the enjoyment if no jobs were lined up for the future!

An update on the cat.
This was a stray that adopted me!
Actually not a stray but someone nearby had kicked her out because they got dogs, so she was sort of their cat, anyway she had kittens under a conifer in my garden and was determined to bring them to me!
Got this “neighbor” to take responsibilty and she dumped them on the RSPCA.
Shame on her

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Funny, my 4 cats also adopted me :)
Two were from a litter born under our deck. Had a 5th try to adopt us this spring but this would have been too much. Took him to the SPCA where he was adopted. The only other option I had was to leave him to either die or continue populating the feral community :(
Great job on your pathway!

21 Aug, 2011


Thanks lil
I fed n looked after that cat for about a year all the time knowing the "owner" lived round the corner.
My girlfriend has cats and when she would come to stay we named it her emergency cat!
But theres no way i could have kept her, the cat that is not the girlfriend!

21 Aug, 2011



21 Aug, 2011


We called our stray cat "Scrounger", she never came near us but was very happy to receive food. Your garden looks great Lancs a lot of hard work done there.

21 Aug, 2011


your garden looks lovely Lancs,i like the crazy garden will never be " finished " either ..not enough hours in the day .:o)

21 Aug, 2011


I know I'm mega late on this one Lancs but like the tortoise I got here in the end, don't know how come I missed it, just wanted to say how good that looks and did it solve your water problem for you.
We have the opposite here as regards cats, we have Tipsy who was stolen by a lady who lived over the road from us, managed to get her back two years later, maddening really as her partner was supposed to be a friend of my husband, they also pinched a beautiful ginger and white one from us but we never managed to get him back, both times waited until we paid all the bills for injections and neutering, also we have Ollie who for years disappeared and would you believe was then found only four houses up the road, he only came back two years ago when the lady of the house became very ill and later sadly got Alzheimers, consequently we have ended up with four furry friends without meaning to, the two wanderers are now 16yrs old so I think you can safely say they never came to any harm, in reality they have been spoilt rotten.....

14 Jul, 2015

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