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black bamboo?


I have a black bamboo, it is very tight at the base and flowing and wide at the top. I haven’t pruned it at all, but after reading this page will do tomorrow. My question is, why is it tight at the bottom? lambchop

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Hi, is it in a pot?

30 Jul, 2011


no, in the ground in a border with other types of grasses.
Just pruned it today, and it looks much better. So thanks
to all those useful tips guys. Thinned it out and left all the tall stalks and new growth. What a difference.

31 Jul, 2011


I am not sure of the answer to your question, but just thought I would welcome you to GoY. You'll gte plenty of advice when needed. We are a friendly, and madly addictive community.

31 Jul, 2011

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