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Making hay while the sun shines


Seeing as today was bright and sunny I decided to spend most of it in the garden. There was a very sharp frost last night and Jim told me the temperatute at 4am was -4. He leaves for work at that time when he is on early shift, as for me that time of the morning doesn`t exist…lol!
I went outside at 11am and made a mental list of the jobs I was going to do. I calculated that the first few would take about an hour and then I would have lunch…wrong…it took two and a half so I didn`t eat until almost 2. I wonder where the times go when I`m in the garden, it certainly goes quicker than when I`m indoors.

Aren`t these a lovely colour?

These crocuses have really spread and look a treat when the sun is shining.

This basket was completely filled with winter pansies but they all died apart from the blue. I filled the gaps with primroses and heuchera `strawberry candy` in the middle`.

This is One-eared owl. I move him around the garden from time to time so he doesn`t get bored. I called him that because I dropped a trowel on his head leaving him with…you guessed it…lol!

What else can you call a duck but Quackers!

This is my greenhouse within the main greenhouse. I installed it so that I could put a small paraffin heater at the bottom just to keep the temperature up. It really works too. I hung a thermometre at the back and this morning before I put the heater on it was 4 degrees warmer.

I potted the begonias and put them in the heated propagator to give them a good start. Some of them had already started to shoot which at least shows they are healthy.

I wasn`t going to bother with sweetpeas this year but I got a free packet of seeds with Gardener`s World magazine and I didn`t want to waste them. I decided to use up all twenty though I have no idea where I`ll put them. I also sowed woodland primroses because I haven`t been able to find at work and I would love to have them growing under the magnolia along with the hardy cyclamen, snowdrops and all the other spring bulbs that are there somewhere.

In the late afternoon Jim and I put up some new trellis to support my climbing roses. Two of them have gone through the winter without any support but with March fast approaching I wanted them tied in a soon as possible, the strong cold winds would have been to much for them. There are two more trellises to go up to support a couple of clematis but that can wait for another day. I finshed off the afternoon by cleaning the benches in the greenhouse with Jeyes fluid and giving the floor a good sweep, it wasn`t perfect but it looked a lot better. We decided to call it a day and just as we were going inside it decided to rain…good timing or what.

It was nice after a satisfying days gardening to relax with a nice cup of coffee and a Fox`s chunky chocolate biscuit…my favourite biccie!

Sandra x

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lovely crocus sandra and you did well with seed planting and begonias, i have both but cant start yet, no greenhouse and run out of room indoors, i must sort the spare room out and have a table in there, so mine will be when last frost goes and can use my plastic growhouse ;o)) glad you had a good day x

20 Feb, 2010


Wasn't it lovely to see the sun today! I went out to get more done as well - and the time just goes so fast.

Your crocuses are lovely. I have a few in the back garden, but the new ones in the main garden have all been eaten by some hungry animal! :-((

I must start my begonias off. Only one survived out of the three 'Candy Kisses', but the others seem to be OK.

20 Feb, 2010


hi lab d what a busy day you had, ive been in the garden but freezing here,i have crocuses but mine are just about coming up not flowering yet, hope all your seeds come up for you,i love the owl & quackers

20 Feb, 2010


a good day was had by you and me then. The sun was a welcome sight though not much warmth in it. the crocses are beautiful arent they.

20 Feb, 2010


You have had a busy day Sandra, I also use my mini covers inside the greenhouse like that for that extra protection when needed..It was sunny here as well so I`ve also been outside as well, really lifts ones spirits doesn`t it ?.
Glad I`m not the only one to lose the pansies although I do have a tray of home grown ones ready in the greenhouse to fill in the gaps,snows nearly all gone again so maybe that will get done soon. Lovely to see your crocus`s in flower...
Ozzie one-ear is cute and I swear Quackers is smiling at me,LOL......

20 Feb, 2010


You had a lovely day by the looks of ,and lots of lovely colour too,Sandra.
.I love owls too.but haven't got a one eared one...ooh,ouch.Glad the Duck hasn't suffered the same fate on his beak Lol.I had a nice day too,but not in the garden,as I had hoped to be out today instead,no such luck with the snow..again.
We went out to a local country pub for a nice carvery lunch,as Russell has been working so hard this week.Going to work,plus 2 evenings and last 2 weekends at Alison and Anthony's house,helping them to finish the Nursery in case their baby decides to put in an early just never know.I decided he wanted a nice break..and me,My crocus's are in flower too,but only the yellow and white ones yet,but a welcome sight:o))

21 Feb, 2010


Good luck with your seeds and begonias. Your crocuses and basket look lovely. It's nice to see things grow after the long winter. I love your owl :o)

21 Feb, 2010

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