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I`m so thankful today is Friday. It`s been such a busy week at work and at home. Jim is decorating the spare bedroom which means that the furniture has been moved to the other bedrooms and I`ve been tripping over the new carpet which is at the moment rolled up on the stairs. I`m bad enough on the stairs without obstacles in my way! I had a couple of heavy jobs at work and now I have a very sore back but then I`m used to that from gardening.

I treated myself to a garden clock/thermometer this afternoon. I`ve always wanted one like this but I`ve only seen them in catalogues. I decided that as there were only two of them it would be my luck that they both sold at the weekend. Should I treat myself? You bet!

It`s going to look really nice of the outside wall.

When I got home from work this afternoon I opened the back door and the scent of Sarcococca wafted in telling me its now in full bloom. I knew it was a good idea to plant it just outside the kitchen door.

I went out to the front of the house where all the plants are in tubs on the driveway, well its paved and I park my car there so I call it a drive!

Libertia “Goldfinger”

Phormium “All Black”

Phormium but I can`t remember which one. Any ideas?

I took these couple of photos indoors of my latest orchid to flower and my little Bonsai. I think the Bonsai is Ligustrum which is privet whichever way you look at it. I just hope it doesn`t grow as quickly…lol! I aquired it after Christmas when it looked a bit sad and was in the sale. I snipped it here and there, fed it and placed it in what I hoped would be the perfect place. It turned out to be just right and its doing really well now.

This orchid came from a market stall and was just what I was looking for. When I got home I accidently snapped the flower stem in half which made me rather cross to say the least. I decided to leave the stem and see what would happen and lo and behold buds emerged quite soon afterwards.

I thought I`d mention that when I was making a sandwich for lunch I cut a piece off of the ham and without thinking reached out to give it to Jake….and for a split second I thought he was still there. I couldn`t believe I`d done that. It brought a tear to my eye and then I smiled because he was always there when I made my lunch, just in case there might be a tasty titbit for him. It`s been two months since we lost him and I don`t feel he`s there all the time now. That`s why it caught me by surprise this afternoon. I suppose that will happen from time to time until there is another dog in my life to distract me.

Sandra x

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Hi Sandra...
The garden clock/thermometer looks a great purchase !

Your plants are doing well, indoors and out...

It's quite natural that from time to time you'll either imagine you see Jake, or forget he isn't there.... I hope the right time isn't too far away for your new dog coming along. :o) x

5 Feb, 2010


If gardening is what makes you tick then put it alongside the path where you can pass the time of day.

5 Feb, 2010


a pretty buy sandra.

5 Feb, 2010


Oh, the last bit about Jake brought a lump to my throat! Your sarcococca looks so healthy - and that Phormium 'All Black' is stunning and looks great in that pot.

5 Feb, 2010


love the clock sandra, keep looking at them myself :o) enjoyed your blog, lovely pots to, ive a tear reading the part about jake,, sad but also happy memories sandra xx

5 Feb, 2010


Love your clock i've got a garden clock i got last year and its still not been put up, its in the back porch where its been since i bought it.

6 Feb, 2010


Oooooooo i do love your Clock Lab51 & your Indoor/Outdoor Plants look lovely :)

8 Feb, 2010


lovely clock Sandra nice to treat yourself occasionally. I planted a Sarcococca earlier this year its about 14 inches high, I cant wait for it to be as beautiful as the one in your photo, gives me something to look forward to.

8 Feb, 2010


Clock looks brill, flowers on drive looks great, i do like the pots there in, house plant are lovely, I understand about the dog, we still miss ours, 2 years on.

9 Feb, 2010

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