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Home from Holiday ~ photos


Well I`m home from two weeks in hot and sunny Florida. I had a wonderful time with the family though it was very tiring…the weather and the food made up for it though!

We visited most of the theme parks seeing as only Jim and myself had been before. Our son Danny, daughter Kerry, son-in-law Slave and their children Roman 5 and Sophie 18mths wanted to visit everything (with the exception of Sophie who is too young to have a say…lol!) and that is what we did apart from two days when Jim and I decided to go shopping on our own and left the others to their own devices…it was such a nice, peaceful day too…bliss!

Roman was thrilled to see the Magic Kingdom with its castle and all the Disney characters. On the day we visited there was a parade taking place and his favourite of the moment, Woody from Toy Story was there…he couldn`t stop smiling and it was a real pleasure to see him so happy.

I took loads of photos of the gardens in the theme parks and along the roadside as they really are lovely and well kept. I have really no idea what most of them are and another thing; in all the time we were there not once did I see a gardener working at any time. Strange because everything is immaculate. I have no idea how they manage to keep it in that condition because the whole of Disney`s parks and attractions is as big as the city of Manchester, these unseen gardeners workload must be enormous. Anyway, for now I hope you like the photos. Most of them today are of the gardens with a few family shots thrown in, hope you like them. :o)

This plant looks very like Bougainvillea but I`m not really sure, its lovely whatever it is

This scene at Sea World of an Asian river and in the background you can see Mt. Everest…bizarre but a lot of fun!

The big tree in the background is the Tree of Life created by Disney. Up close you can see lots of animals `woven` into the bark…its quite something.

This is `China` at the Epcot centre`s `around the world` attraction. The water garden is beautiful.

This a topiary of The Beast who fell for Beauty, might look a bit out of place in my garden though…lol!

Jim set up the camera in the villa to automatic so we could have a nice happy family shot. Afterwards we all went back to arguing….only joking…lol!

This was taken at Downtown Disney by Jim who wanted us to stand still and smile for the camera…we had other ideas…lol!

Despite this being a poor photo, (it was very bright and my camera was on the wrong setting,) I loved the topiaries around the dolphin.

I loved the way this Cypress tree looked by night and couldn`t resist a photo. I think it was the evening we were at the Magic Kingdom to watch the fireworks display and to see Tinkerbelle fly across the castle. :o)

This looked very like a Wisteria but I don`t have a clue what it was, its very pretty though and would like lovely in my garden.

Many of the trees in Florida have these viscious-looking spines all over the trunk. I can`t imagine how painful it would be to be caught on one of those…ouch!

I wanted to post a lot more photos but they just wouldn`t upload so these will just have to do for now and I`ll try again another day with some more.
When we got home on saturday after a long night flight I looked out of the kitchen window at a garden full of dahlias and begonias…this morning I looked out after two mornings of frost and I had a garden full of blackened dahlias and begonias…oh well, I had a week of them before they finally gave up the ghost. Bye for now. :o)

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i had no idea that disney had so many beautiful gardens ~ i love that tree with the animals carved in, very clever
if i had their budget who knows what i could have in my garden ~ hanging gardens of babylon?

21 Oct, 2010


great pics sandra and so glad you had a wonderfull time with your family, first pic i think is Boug,, and the vine could be from potatoe vine family and the spikey tree we saw one in portugal garden centre,is it something like a rhino tree, not quite sure. love the pics of you and the family so much fun,welcome home x
ps, the tree is Fagara Davyi sandra ;o)

21 Oct, 2010


What lovely pics......especially the family pleased you had a lovely time....back to reality now eh! :-)

21 Oct, 2010


What a wonderful holiday for you. I can understand you would enjoy the beautiful trees, flowers and features. The potted plant in the first photo is lush! Now back to reality....pleased you had some blooms in your garden to greet you on your homecoming, Sandra.

21 Oct, 2010


Hi, great pictures. I was there for two weeks at Easter and like you I was amazed not to see anyone gardening, the planting was immaculate and so much of it. A great place for a family holiday something for everyone and plenty of plants and gardens to enjoy while I was waiting for everyone else on the rides.

21 Oct, 2010


loved your blog...the tree of life is my fav...glad u had a great time...:-)

22 Oct, 2010


Lovely photos pleased you had a good time with your family.

22 Oct, 2010


lovely family photo,and all photo's are really nice I like the bougainvillea .

22 Oct, 2010


Really enjoyed your photo's Sandra,and glad you had a great all looked as though you did.Roman will be old enough to remember his special holiday with you,which is nice.You will have to go again with Sophie when she is older..a good excuse to re visit sometime..:o)

22 Oct, 2010


You had a wonderful holiday all together there :o) I can imagine Roman's face when he saw his fav character lol. It must have been a joy.
Nice you could enjoy your dahlias for a while after returning.

22 Oct, 2010


Lovely blog Sandra, I remember so much of that, and it is about eight years since I went, really enjoyed your photos, glad you had a lovely time.

25 Oct, 2010

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